Worship Time At Bob Evans

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As part of my ministry, for the past several months, I’ve been shepherding a tiny church that currently meets in a mobile home park’s clubhouse.

I’ve also been its worship leader. The whole worship team consists of:

  • Me, playing my 12-string guitar and singing
  • Steve, playing supplementary 6-string guitar
  • Lisa (Steve’s wife), singing
  • Ann, singing

Every Friday night, we meet at Steve and Lisa’s home, where we share a meal and fellowship, and then practice the coming Sunday morning’s worship songs.

Yesterday morning, we had our normal worship and teaching times, then Ann and I treated Steve and Lisa to lunch at a local Bob Evans family restaurant, to thank them for generously feeding us and hosting our group’s practice every Friday night.

As always, I took my guitar into the restaurant with me, instead of leaving it out in my car. And, as always, the hostess and several of the waitresses joked around about me singing for the entire restaurant.

But something was different this time.

One waitress wasn’t joking — she really, really wanted to hear me sing a song. She even offered me a dollar to do it.

So, right there, sitting at our table — about three-fourths of the way back into the restaurant — I took my guitar out of its case.

And fingerpicked the first verse of the Christmas song, “Silent Night,” while Ann, Lisa, and I sang it, in three-part harmony.

About halfway through the song, the clatter and conversations around us suddenly died out, as the customers and waitresses within earshot stopped to listen.

When we finished, they all clapped for us, then I put away my guitar, and we ordered our lunch.

Over the past nearly 49 years, I’ve played my guitar and sung in hundreds of places, but this was the first time I had ever played and sang an unscheduled song, sitting at my table, in a restaurant.

God is good.

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