Where Credit Is Due

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For the past few decades, I’ve carried two different credit cards in my wallet.

One, a Visa card, is a “rewards” card that I’ve used for almost every credit card purchase I’ve made — because it has always paid me a 1% rebate on all of my purchases.

The other is a MasterCard that I’ve used only when I’ve bought things at Sam’s Club, because that store doesn’t accept Visa.

But now, things are changing for the better.

Last week, I received my new Sam’s Club MasterCard. It’s free (to Sam’s Club members) and it will pay me a 5% rebate on all of my gasoline purchases, 3% on all of my dining and travel purchases, and 1% on all of my other purchases.

On the day that I applied for it, at my local Sam’s Club, they instantly approved it and gave me a temporary card, to use while I waited for my permanent card to arrive in the mail. The temporary card was only valid at Sam’s Club, while the permanent card is good everywhere that accepts MasterCard. Along with my temporary card, they gave me a $20 Sam’s Club discount certificate, that would be valid if I spent at least $50 at Sam’s Club on that same day. So I bought the bed frame that I had planned to buy, along with some liquid soap and some cookies, and saved $20 off of those purchases.

Then I went outside to the Sam’s Club gas pumps and used my temporary credit card to fill up my car with gas — 10 gallons at $3.19 per gallon. With my new card’s 5% rebate on all gasoline purchases, I saved 16 cents per gallon, for a total savings of $1.60 on just that one tank of gas.

Several days later, my permanent Sam’s Club MasterCard arrived. I’m going to cancel my old MasterCard, since my new one will serve as both my Sam’s Club membership card and as my main, every day credit card.

I probably won’t have any reason to use my old Visa card any more, since my new MasterCard’s “rewards” are up to 5x better. But I’ll probably keep carrying that Visa card, at least for awhile, because I like to have “a backup card,” just in case anything goes wrong with my main card.

The other thing that’s different about my new Sam’s Club MasterCard is that it has a built-in microprocessor that makes all of its transactions a lot more secure.

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