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A few days ago, I turned 63 years old.

And I’ve survived 2 strokes in the past 11 years. As I described in my “stroke updates” in the right column, the second one hospitalized me for a month.

So, naturally, I have some retirement/disability questions to ask the U.S. Social Security people.

In the past, I’ve wasted hundreds of hours, waiting, at the Social Security office, with other people who needed to speak to someone there.

So, I knew that it was smart to call them and make an appointment to see them soon, instead of just going there in person, without an appointment, and waiting for them to finally see me.

I called their phone number, to make an appointment.

A recording answered. It made me listen to a whole several-minutes-long list of information that was completely useless to me, before finally asking me why I had called.

I told it.

It told me that my call was important.

My estimated wait time (to make an appointment with them) was 1 hour and 15 minutes.

An hour and 15 minutes, just to wait to talk to someone, to make an appointment.

I hung up, disgusted.

So I drove the 16 miles, to the local Social Security office, to make my appointment in person.

I stood in line and got “a number.”

Then sat and waited for my number to be called.

And waited.

And waited.

More than 40 people were served while I sat there.

Finally, after almost 2 hours, my number was called.

I went to the numbered window to which I had been assigned.

A personality free drone at a desk asked me for my name and Social Security number.

Quickly, she printed several pages, and stuffed them into a business-sized envelope.

Then, she gave me a choice: either meet with someone over the phone, or meet with someone in person.

I told her that I had hoped that I could make an appointment to meet with someone, in person, this coming Tuesday (4 days from now).

She silently handed me the business-sized envelope that she had stuffed full of papers that she had printed.

No explantation of what they were, or why I should take them.

Then, she coldly told me that my appointment is for January 24, at 10:45 AM (20 days from now).

I walked away, disgusted and fuming.


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  1. Paulo Tadeu says:

    US is infinitely bigger than Portugal, but here we have something in common, state institutions, they work poorly!

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