Tough Times

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The past few weeks have been especially tough for Melissa and me, in our ministry to many needy people of this area.

To preserve the anonymity of those involved, I can’t give you much detail.

But, recently, we’ve had to deal with several people who have either been criminally charged with, or have been victims of:

  • attempted murder
  • felony child abuse
  • felony animal abuse
  • felony elder abuse
  • domestic violence involving adults and children
  • federal tax fraud

Some of those people are adults and children who we’ve known, helped, and/or loved for years.

All of those things, in addition to all of the normal issues that we face 24 hours a day, 7 days each week.

I’m not complaining — our work often gives us many opportunities to make a real difference in others’ lives, and to experience lots of joy and job satisfaction.

But, lately, it’s also brought us a whole lot of stress, and many, many tears.

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