This Fall’s New TV Shows

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I like to watch TV.

Depending on whether my day has been stressful or not, my favorite shows are either crime dramas, like the various Law and Order spinoffs that make me think; or formulaic sitcoms, like The Office, that don’t make me think at all.

For whatever reason, I’ve never gotten into any of the many hospital drama series, except for House, which I try to watch every week.

And a few months ago, I was surprised to discover that I also really enjoy watching Wipeout, a show in which several contestants happily race through a torturous, humiliating and often-dangerous obstacle course.

This fall brings several new shows to the four major broadcast networks. Judging by the previews of some of them that I’ve already seen, I already know that I won’t be watching a few of them.

Here’s one person’s opinion of the new fall season, in an article titled Which New TV Shows Will Get The Axe First This Fall?

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