Their First Day Of School

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Early this morning, I picked up Melissa (my dear friend and ministry partner), Mr. Peanut (Josiah), and his little brother Ahmari, along with the boys’ little backpacks, and a whole bunch of their supplies.

The little guys were cheerful and excited as they ran out to my car and enthusiastically clambered into their car seats.

A few minutes later, we arrived at their new daycare center, so that they could both start their very first day of “school.”

Mr. Peanut is a little over 3 years old. Ahmari is a little over 2 years old.

But they were both very happy to “go to school” this morning.

Their day will consist of playing with kids their age, nice teachers, learning, singing, special activities, eating, taking a nap, and much more.

I just know that those two very social boys are going to absolutely love, love, love it!

And, tonight, they’re going to be really, really tired, and ready for their bedtime.

So that they can wake up tomorrow and go back to school again!

Update, 5:46pm: I was right! They’re both home now, and they both had a great, fun day!

Melissa: Did you have fun?

Mr. Peanut (excitedly): Yeah, fun!

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2 Responses to Their First Day Of School

  1. Paulo Tadeu says:

    I’m glad they like to go to school.
    I hope you are good students, study hard to have a better future.
    I’m very sorry that I haven’t studied more.

  2. ComputerBob says:

    Well, at least at the age that they’re at now, they don’t have any studying to do. At this age, they learn from listening to their teacher, playing with their friends, and having fun. It’s too bad that school isn’t fun like that when we get older. 😉

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