Thanksgiving, 2020

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For the past several years, our next-door neighbors, Mike and Annamarie, have made my wife’s and my Thanksgiving Day feast very easy and fun:

Every year that they’ve been in town for Thanksgiving, they’ve cooked an entire, incredible turkey and ham dinner, along with a bunch of delicious homemade side dishes.

And then they’ve invited us next door, to share it with them, while we all sat and visited for several hours.

This year, due to the nearly year-long Coronavirus pandemic, our dear friends called us, several days ago, and told us that — instead of having us over to their house — they planned to bring us a couple of plates of their homemade feast.

So that — as Annamarie told us — we could all eat together — separately.

That’s kind of what they did.

About 2:00 this afternoon, they both arrived at our front door; each carrying an entire custom-made, sectioned-off tray of hot food, plus a bag of rolls and croissants, and a glass jar of gravy.

Here’s what it looked like, on our kitchen stove:

Our homemade buffet, from Mike and Annamarie!

From left to right, there were scrumptious mashed potatoes, juicy, tasty ham, juicy, tasty turkey, rolls and croissants, delicious stuffing, green-bean salad that we look forward to every year, and the best sweet potatoes that I’ve ever eaten.

Mike and Annamarie are — by far — the best neighbors that we’ve ever had — but, since my second stroke, they’ve been our “guardian angels” — bringing us things, doing things for us, and looking out for us, many, many times and in many, many ways — often, without ever saying a word about it to us.

In each of our lives, I’m sure that we’ve all had hard times, horrible incidents, or people that we could’ve happily lived without.

But I’m pretty sure that — maybe with some time and thought — each of us could also name one or more times, incidents, or people that have brought us joy, and that we’re thankful to God for.

In our lives, two of those people are Mike and Annamarie.

Update, 6:30pm: Annamarie just dropped off a foil-wrapped plate, holding our dessert:

Two huge pieces of cake.

Homemade cake.

Birthday cake.

Today — Thanksgiving Day — is Mike’s birthday.

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  1. Michaelene Mossbrucker says:

    We are so grateful for you and xxxxxxx and for your wonderful neighbors! We’ve also had to change our usual Thanksgiving gathering plan to protect our more vulnerable neighbors. Happy Thanksgiving, dear cousins!

  2. Paulo Jorge Lopes Tadeu says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, it looks delicious, can you send it to Portugal a little bit?

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