Stroke Update 6 – God

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I took a shower complelely on my own this morning (including getting in and out of our shower, and washing my hair twice with only my right hand — my left hand doesn’t know how to scrub my scalp yet). Then Minnie finished my last home-based occupational therapy session, and discharged me — now I’m all done with all home-based rehab! Minnie said that she’s going to recommend me (and my wife, of course) to her boss, to speak to groups of people who are going through this type of thing. Of course, they may decide not to do that if we end up choosing a different, more convenient company to provide my outpatient rehab.

Now, we’re waiting for a return call from my doctor’s nurse, clearing the way for me to begin the more-challenging outpatient rehab a few miles away, hopefully in the next day or two. For now, I’m doing about an hour of rehab physical exercises every morning and again every night, on my own, plus puzzles and other mental exercises.

After Minnie left, my wife and I went to Walmart and bought all of our weekly groceries — I pushed a regular shopping cart through the store the whole time! Then I got all of my own (uncooked) meals today, for the first time since my stroke.

And later, I’ll complete the customer-satisfaction survey from the northern company that represents the rehab hospital where I stayed for three weeks. I have two Post-It notes, full of both positive and negative things I want to remember to tell them about my stay.

Thinking about a different man who lost everything and had to start all over again with nothing, I think that the new first name that I chose a little more than nine years ago, Robinson, is even more meaningful to me each day.

I don’t know where you are in your faith, but I don’t believe that God caused me to have a stroke. No matter what anyone says, God just isn’t like that. It was probably either my own fault, a result of evil in the world, or just plain dumb luck. But I do believe that I can choose to let Him figure out a way to use this stroke for good.

So that’s what I’m doing.

And be sure to check back later, as I regularly edit, add things to, and change my posts as time goes on, as I think of new things that don’t need their own posts.

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