Stroke Update 5 – Emotions

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Getting better after a stroke is a very difficult, discouraging, more-than-full-time job.

Sometimes, I feel like just staying in bed, but I have things to do, morning until night, like getting myself clean, getting dressed, taking meds, measuring my blood glucose level, eating, doing my rehab exercises, resting, working on my computer, fixing things, drinking lots of water, doing puzzles, going to appointments, rushing to the bathroom, doing my rehab exercises again, and much, much more, taking up all of my time.

Right now, every muscle is tired, aches when it is used, and wants to be left alone. I have no idea how anyone does all of this without having somebody wonderful, like my wife, to constantly help and encourage them, and to listen to all their complaints.

Without her, I’d probably still be in bed, unable to move.

Last night, we watched a TV crime show. As the police were surrounding and arresting the bad guy, one of them commanded, “Get down on your knees! Now lay down on your stomach!”

I started laughing. I just knew that the next thing out of his mouth was going to be, “Okay, dirtbag, now straighten your left leg and raise it, ten times, while keeping your hips flat against the ground!”

It’s funny how the brain works.

Last night, I also did two sorting/even-odd puzzles really quickly and correctly. Three days earlier, I hadn’t been able to do them at all!

Once again, it’s funny how the brain works.

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