Stroke Update 4 – Birthday

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This morning, as planned, Catherine did my last home-based physical therapy session, including having me crawl on all fours on the bed, balancing on one foot, with my eyes closed, and having me walk across the kitchen several times without a walker. She called me “very-high-level functioning”, and predicted that I’ll do very well as an outpatient, with 100% recovery a very real possibility, eventually.

Between 3:00 and 4:00 this afternoon, Minnie will be here to do occupational therapy. I have two more visits from her before outpatient care starts. Today, we will start working on fine motor skills.

Two days ago was my wife’s birthday (I had mine when I was in the rehab hospital). Tonight, we’ll finally go out for dinner to celebrate her birthday.

I’m typing this message while my wife pays several bills. She’s great!

Our excellent next-door neighbors and “guardian angels,” Mike and Annamarie have gone out and gotten us some groceries several times, brought us brat and other cooked food, and incredible Mike has also even unexpectedly mowed our front lawn and taken down several dead and dying bushes and tree branches in our yard! Then Matt, the professional lawn guy that we had hired, showed up and mowed our back lawn and did all of our edging for no charge!

Thank all of you for your prayers, calls, cards, and other types of support. I feel it all.

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