Stroke Update 30 – Slow Mow

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I just finished mowing the whole lawn, back and then front. Now, I’m soaking wet and waiting to stop sweating, so that I can change my shirt, and then go pick someone up, to take them to do a bunch of errands.

Today, it took me 75 minutes to mow the whole lawn, compared to only 50 minutes a few times ago. I think there are at least few reasons why it has taken me longer to mow it the last couple of times:

  1. The grass was much longer than usual, when I started
  2. I set the mower to mow it even shorter than usual, this time
  3. Lately, it seems like my only two mowing choices are to mow when it’s raining, or to mow when it’s extremely, swelteringly sunny and hot
  4. My knees have felt really, really tired, the last two times I’ve mowed

I think that last list item might indicate that something in my muscles is changing. I don’t know what it is, since my knee muscles are stronger now than they’ve been since my stroke. But I could feel that they were really tired today, even while I was mowing.

Anyway, it’s done now, and it looks terrific, like this little guy:

Mr. Peanut is almost always happy.

Update, 4:40 PM: Dehydration — that was the problem. About an hour after I finished mowing, I was with a friend, doing errands, but I still felt really tired and sleepy, like I could take a nap at any time. And I was thirsty. So I stopped and bought a can of Diet Coke (the Pepsi machine was broken). Five minutes later, I started feeling much better. Five more minutes, and I felt almost “back to normal,” where I could take a nap, but I wasn’t so tired and sleepy that I needed to take one right away.

When I got home from helping my friend, I drank two large gulps of milk, some water, a glass of diet pop, and two whole bottles of protein/vitamin drink.

Lesson learned: it takes a lot of liquid to be me.

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