Stroke Update 28 – Newer Cards

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As you may recall, from a few posts ago, my ministry‘s new business cards from were very disappointing. So I got a refund for them.

Then, I returned to, my long-term, more-expensive card printer.

I started to create the newer cards by loading up the saved design of the existing cards that I had ordered from them in the past. I then edited their text content and size, and their background size and layout, saved that new design, and then ordered my new business cards with that new card design, with a one-day, 20% discount off of their regular price.

Here’s what my newer business cards will look like:

My ministry's business cards, from

The back of my ministry business cards.

They should arrive at my house in about 10 days.

Update, Thursday, June 21: Replaced a cracked window pane at a friend’s house. Instead of it costing over $200 to have professionals replace it, I found a pane that a motel was throwing out. It cost $10 to have the professionals cut it to the exact size I told them, then I replaced it. The new pane is 3-5 times as thick as the old pane.

Mowed my lawn — front, back, and sides. It looks really short and smooth, like a golf course. I don’t know how long it took, but it seemed to go protty quickly.

Picked up Melissa and took her to the food bank, where we both worked for about 4 hours. Took her to a needy family’s home, to take them some food. Took her to a carry out store, and then home. Actually this is just an example of the type of ministry that I do almost every day, 7 days each week.

Update, Tuesday, June 26, 4.23 PM: My ministry’s new business cards, from, just arrived, and I’m very, very pleased with them. Happily, they look exactly like they were supposed to look (see above).

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