Some Like It Uninhabited

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It was late at night.

My wife and I had just turned off the lights and were lying in bed.

All of a sudden, we heard a loud, scraping, scratching sound that stopped after a few seconds.

My wife said something like, “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I heard that sound the other day. I think it’s coming from the attic.”

A few seconds later, the sound was back. Yes, it was definitely coming from the ceiling, right above our bed. It sounded like something was furiously trying to dig through the ceiling and into our bedroom.

Was it a squirrel? A raccoon? A rat? We had no idea — and we really didn’t want to find out. We just wanted whatever it was to go away.

A minute later, we heard it again.

I ran to the garage, got a broom, and returned to the bedroom, where I used the end of the wooden broom handle to bang on the bedroom ceiling several times.

The scratching immediately stopped, and didn’t return that night.

The next afternoon, I heard it again, but it was coming from the ceiling above our living room.

So I used the broom handle to pound on the living room ceiling. Again, the scratching immediately stoppped.

Then I used my extension ladder, in our garage, along with a flashlight, to peek into the attic through one of the garage’s three square attic ports.

But I didn’t see any out-of-place blown-in insulation, or any other signs of animal activity. Still, I yelled into the abyss, “Hey, whoever you are, you should find another place to live!”

Afterward, I left the attic port open, the ladder in place, and our garage door cracked open a few inches, to make it easier for any animal in our attic to find its way outside.

Then I spent about an hour, walking around my house and on top of its roof, inspecting every inch of its soffit and roof ventilation system, trying to find any little opening that an animal could have used to get into our attic.

I couldn’t find any.

That night, the scratching sound was back, that time in one of the corners of our bedroom ceiling.

So I got the broom again, but, this time, I started in that corner, but then walked around the entire house, systematically pounding on every foot of every room’s ceiling.

That was several months ago — we haven’t heard any scratching since then.

I’m really relieved that our animal-in-the-attic problem turned out to be relatively easy to solve.

Here’s some advice on How to Get Squirrels Out of the Attic.

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