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NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, all software on this page is for Windows only, because ComputerBob used to be a Windows user and tech support specialist. However, ever since July, 2006, he has used Linux full-time instead of Windows, so he no longer uses any Windows software.

Unless otherwise indicated, ComputerBob successfully tested and used all of the software in the “Favorites” section below on his home computer when he was a Windows user; however, he does not guarantee the functionality or usability of any of the software below on your home computer. ComputerBob does not provide technical or functional support for any of the software below. If you download any of the software below and have problems with it, you must contact its author or publisher, not ComputerBob. If you find any mistakes in the information below, or if any of the links below become outdated, please notify ComputerBob and he will fix them.

NOTE: Each piece of software listed is either Freeware or Shareware or Adware. Freeware is free for anyone to use as long as they want. Shareware allows you to try it for some period of time specified by the author, after which time you are expected to pay for it. Adware is free for anyone to use as long as they want, but it displays one or more advertisements while it is being used.

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