Sit And Be Fit

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There’s a TV show on PBS that’s been around for years.

In fact, I think I first noticed it when I was a few decades younger.

I’d see it for a few seconds at a time, as I browsed through the TV channels.

But I never watched it.

It’s called Sit and Be Fit.

Basically, it’s an exercise program for older people.

That is, if “exercise” is what you would call it.

Its host is an older woman, standing.

Next to her is a younger woman, sitting in a chair.

As each episode progresses, the host and sitter both guide the viewer through a series of activies, such as “turn your head to the side”, “raise your hands up, over your head” and “lean over, to pick up a beach ball.”

I always thought to myself, “Why in the world, would someone need to watch a TV show, in order to tell them to raise their hands above their head?”

It just seemed silly to me.

Then I had my stroke, a little more than a year ago.

Spent a month in the hospital.

Did several months of professional rehab.

So that I could finally turn my head to the side again.

And raise my hands up, over my head.

And lean over, to pick up a beach ball.

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