Seeking Spiritual Harmony

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My regular readers know that my wife and I performed 427 concerts of my Christian songs, and shared our testimonies, in 26 states, back in the mid-70s to early 80s.

And that I quit my job last October, and started my own ministry last November.

And that one of the things that I do in my ministry is perform my Christian songs while giving my testimony about how God has worked, and is working, in my life.

My wife of nearly 4 decades, who is the executive assistant for a non-profit organization, is way too busy to sing with me any more.

But she’s still an extremely important part of my ministry. She’s “the candle behind the candle” in One Candle Ministries. She’s the one you don’t see — the one who works very hard to bring home a paycheck, while I’m busy doing all kinds of ministry — free of charge.

Knowing that I would be performing alone with my guitar, I bought a phrase looper several months ago, and I’ve gotten quite good at using it for a few of my songs, as well as for laying down a few peaceful chords on it and then playing gentle lead guitar over them.

Now I’m in the market to buy a vocal harmonizer pedal. A vocal harmonizer is a digital device that I’ll plug my guitar and microphone into — that will constantly listen to the chords that I’m playing on my guitar, and then, on demand, automatically add 1, 2, (or even more, if I can afford it) human-sounding harmonies to whatever I’m singing.

It’s an absolutely incredible technology.

Here’s a video description of one harmonizer pedal.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how a harmonizer pedal can be used.

And here’s a video in which the demonstrator uses a harmonizer pedal in combination with the looper that I already own.

I’ve been reading every review I can find, and watching lots of demonstration videos, so think I’ve got my choices narrowed down to the few that I’m most interested in. Now I hope to have some time, soon, to take my guitar to a music store and try out the models that I’m interested in with my songs and fingerpicking style, to see which one would work best for me.

If all goes well, there’s a good chance that, some day soon, I’ll have a digital version of my wife, singing harmony with me again.

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