Phrase Looping 3

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My phrase looper was delivered about 90 minutes ago!

My regular readers know that I did a ton of research before I ordered it.

In fact, I watched so many demonstration videos that I felt like I already knew how to use it before it even arrived.

So, as soon as it got here, I connected it to my microphone and amplifier right away.

And, after only a few minutes of experimentation, I was creating vocal loops with 5 or more harmonies.

I even used 2 of the device’s 99 memory locations to save 2 of my multi-voice loops — just so that I can play them over the phone to a few friends.

It’s exactly what I had hoped it to be, and I’m going to really enjoy using it to add live harmonies and rhythms to some of my songs, in real time, when I do live performances.

If you don’t know what a phrase looper is, check out my first post about it.

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