Our New Ministry Slogan?

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As we were finishing up our daily errands and ministry work, Melissa’s phone rang.

It was a friend of hers.

The friend runs a free, online service that lets local people post their needs (food, money, clothing, furniture, etc.) and she does her best to give, find, or encourage others to provide those needs.

She has a good heart, but she was calling Melissa because she was frustrated.

A woman had posted that she desperately needed food.

Melissa’s friend had been doing her best to buy or find some food for the woman, and was even planning to deliver it to her.

Until she found out that the woman who had said that she needed food, lives in Ohio — more than a thousand miles away!

For the next few minutes, Melissa’s friend melted Melissa’s phone with her anger and choice of words.

Since she was on speakerphone, I could hear every word.

So, as Melissa continued to listen to her friend’s angry rant, I quickly grabbed a piece of paper and wrote “A new slogan for One Candle Ministries?” (our ministry)

Then, I held it up so that she could read it:

“We ain’t f-ing gonna deliver no f-ing food to some f-ing woman in f-ing Ohio!”

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2 Responses to Our New Ministry Slogan?

  1. Candy says:

    Thank You for all you’re doing, reaching out in Jesus name, healing all who ask. Stay safe and healthy!!!!

  2. ComputerBob says:

    Thank you, Candy, for your years of love, support, and friendship! 😉

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