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Inspired by my wife watching “the political shows” on TV, every Sunday morning:

Hello, and wecome to ODJ.

On this week’s program, we’ll talk about what outrages us today, regarding our moronic dictator, with whom we completely disagree on everything, including everyone that he chooses to surround himself with, and every decision that he makes.

In fact, every intelligent person in the whole world agrees with everything we say.

Listen to our theme song! It’s a royal-souding trumpet fanfare, so that, subconsciously, you’ll know how very important we are!

Plus, watch our one-sided roundtable discussion in which we present our opposition, very clearly, from our viewpoint, and pretend to listen to those who disagree — while we’re actually thinking up condescending, one-line, straw man arguments, and ad hominem insults, to ridicule them personally, as the idiots that they are.

Of course, we won’t reveal that, while we claim to be unbiased journalists, many of us used to be — or even still are —politicians or employees of the opposing party, and we work hard to push its agenda.

Yes, we’re exactly the type of opinionated loudmouths that you ignore when we’re in saloons — but hey, you listen to us when we’re on TV!

Our hyperbole is literally endless!

And we’re disrespectful to anyone who disagrees with us. After all, they’re less than human, and their laughable opinions define them as evil.

So do what’s right and join us, to hear our side.

The correct side.

This Sunday morning — and every Sunday morning, on nearly every major channel — it’s ODJ — Outrage Du Jour.

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