My First Concert In 30+ Years

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My regular readers know that my wife and I were in music ministry for about 5 years, from the late ’70s until early ’82.

After that, I played the guitar and sang for several years on a couple of different church worship teams.

But I stopped doing that shortly after my younger brother’s suicide in 1996.

Then I stopped playing my guitar altogether about 8 years ago.

So it’s a really big change and an exciting opportunity for me to be going back into ministry again after all these years.

My main ministries will be inspirational writing, speaking, and music.

Every day, I’m rehearsing my guitar playing, singing, and mic techniques, while I build brand new calluses on my fingertips, tweak my sound system’s settings, decide which of my songs I want to perform, and discover which key to play each of my songs in, to accomodate the fact that my vocal range isn’t as high as it was 30 years ago.

I’m also going to have to figure out which of my stories I’m going to share in between my songs.

It feels like it’s all happening very quickly — in fact, today, I scheduled my first professional performance in more than 30 years.

On Sunday, December 9, 2012, at 3:00 PM, I will be performing for a small group of people, at the home of one of my good friends.

I’m really looking forward to the experience, and to the opportunity to minister to others.

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