My Firefox 29 Tweaks

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Those who follow such things, know that Mozilla recently released Firefox 29 — which introduced a new Australis GUI to the popular browser.

Since then, a few users have expressed delight at Australis — but the vast majority have expressed dismay.

I’ve been using Firefox since before it even had that name. I tried Google’s Chrome/Chromium a few of years ago, but I found it too minimalistic for my tastes — and besides, I don’t trust Google to look out for my online privacy and security.

So I keep using Firefox, but I tweak its interface to look and work differently, as well as to take up far less space than it takes by default.

1. I use the Tab Mix Plus browser addon, to give me all kinds of control over Firefox’s tabs. So I use it to shrink their widths, make the “X” (Close) button appear only on the current tab, color the current tab bright yellow, and make several other changes.

2. I use the Hide Caption Titlebar Plus browser addon, to move the browser tabs up into the browser titlebar, shrink their height, and make the File, Edit, View, etc. menus appear only when I point at the orange “F” button in the upper-left corner of the browser.

3. I use a css technique to remove Firefox 29’s “Open Menu” button — some people call it the “hamburger button.” I don’t need that button to appear at the right end of Firefox’s navigation bar, because Hide Caption Titlebar Plus (see above) makes the orange “F” button in the upper-left corner of the browser act like the “Open Menu” button.

All together, those three steps make Firefox 29 look and work exactly the way I want it to.

Take a look at this screenshot, and decide for yourself if you’d like to make similar changes to Firefox 29 on your computer:

Here's how Firefox 29 looks on my computer.

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