My Confession

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For more than ten years, I’ve taken credit for everything on this web site — the articles, the Journal entries, the forums, the photographs, the graphics, the favorite quotes, the design, the layout, the coding, answering all of the email messages — everything.

But now I’m ready to confess something to you.

I haven’t really been doing all of the work by myself.

I’ve been utilizing the services of a dedicated and tireless ghost writer.

But now I’m finally willing to give him the credit and recognition that he has so richly deserved for many, many years.

So here is a photo of him, working on a recent Journal entry:

On the Internet, no one knows I'm a dog.

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1 Response to My Confession

  1. Godfrey Green says:

    ComputerBob, I just know by the expression on that dog’s face that you are holding a gun to his head and forcing him to write “ComputerBob’s” journals day after day, with little or no rest.
    I’ll bet that dog knows more about Linux kernels, UUIDs and udev rules than you ever did!
    You could at least offer to help him sometimes instead of lazing on the beach all day.

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