My Bionic Woman 2

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My regular readers know that, after suffering with right-hip and right-knee pain for about 15 years, my wife finally had total hip replacement surgery on her right hip this past September.

And they probably also know that, a few months later, medical tests confirmed that her right knee had also deteriorated to the point of being bone-on-bone.

So, this morning, the same surgeon who had performed my wife’s hip replacement last fall, performed total knee replacement surgery on her right knee.

The surgery took more than an hour longer than planned, but, according to the surgeon, it went well, and now she has a brand new titanium knee to go along with her titanium hip.

Once she was moved from the recovery room into a regular hospital room, I spent the whole rest of the day with her, and I was delighted to see how well she was doing.

First of all, instead of being only half-awake for many hours, like she had been after her hip surgery, she woke up in the recovery room, less than 30 minutes after today’s surgery was completed. She was tired, but awake and alert, the whole rest of the day, only starting to drop off to sleep right before I left the hospital, about 9:00 PM.

Second of all, her pain level was between zero and two (on a scale of 0-10) all day.

Thirdly, instead of looking very pale for more than a day, she was only a little bit pale right after today’s surgery, and she recovered most of her normal coloring during the several hours that I was there today.

And fourthly, in sharp contrast to the couple of days of nausea that she had suffered after her hip surgery, this time, my wife only felt nauseated once, for about 5 minutes, this evening. The absence of nausea and the fact that she woke up so soon after today’s surgery seem to indicate that, after my wife reported her previous bouts of nausea to the anesthesiologist, he administered a different anesthesia to her this time.

My wife’s nurses are being very sweet and helpful to her — even though, to my aging eyes, they almost all look like they’re about 15 years old. 😉

Many, many thanks from my wife and me, to everyone who has been keeping her in their prayers. Please pray that her recovery will be as successful as her surgery was.

Update, May 7, 2015: We had originally hoped that my wife would recover fast enough to possibly be released tomorrow (Friday), even though her surgeon had told her that it would more than likely happen on Saturday.

But 2:00 this afternoon, my wife was home, sleeping in our bed, almost exactly 48 hours after the completion of her surgery. Before the hospital allows a knee or hip replacement patient to go home, they have to be able to get in and out of bed without help, and be able to walk at least 150 feet. Yesterday, the day after her surgery, my wife walked 70 feet in the morning and another 130 feet in the afternoon. This morning, in her third, and what turned out to be her last, in-hospital rehab session, she walked 230 feet. A little while later, when her surgeon came in to check on her, he told her “You’re the poster child for this surgery,” and released her to come home today. My wife’s in-hospital rehab therapist told her, “Be sure to write this on your calendar, because you’re the very first patient that he’s ever allowed to go home after only two days.”

Update, May 8, 2015: My wife’s incredible recovery continued today, as she had her first visits from the home care nurse and the home care physical therapist.

The nurse changed the dressings on her surgical wounds and declared that her vital signs look great and her wounds are healing perfectly.

The physical therapist was at our home for more than an hour, and was amazed that, only 72 hours after her surgery, my wife already had enough strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination to do several things that most knee replacement patients normally can’t do until at least a week or two after their surgeries.

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3 Responses to My Bionic Woman 2

  1. Candy says:

    Oh Bob, thank God! This is wonderful news! Please give her my love and let her know she’s in my prayers, and you too 🙂 Let me know updates and if you need anything. How long does she have to stay at the hospital?

  2. ComputerBob says:

    See tonight’s update, above. 😉

  3. Anita Ayers says:

    We are so happy to hear this…Praise and Glory be to God! We pray wonderful blessings upon the two of you!
    Hugs & Prayers, Pastors Al and Anita

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