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I’m very happy and proud to announce that, several days ago, my long-time dear friend and trusted partner in ministry, Melissa, agreed to be an official part of One Candle Ministries, taking on the volunteer role of Resource Specialist.

Educated in the field of psychology, Melissa has a heart for ministering to people, and she’s already been working with me, to identify and meet people’s physical, spiritual, and advocacy needs, 24/7, for the more than two years that I’ve known her. In fact, in just the past several months since I started driving again, after my stroke, we’ve driven over 14,000 miles (update, April 5, 2019: 16,679 miles), helping many needy people; taking food, clothing, medicine, toiletries, toys, important paperwork, and other necessities to many at-risk people, victims of domestic voiolence and other crimes, people with mental or physical health issues, and others — often in the middle of the night.

She and her children don’t have many material possessions in this world, but many, many times, I’ve seen her give food, money, and other things, out of her own need, to others who have even greater needs.

Plus, she knows, has worked with, and often refers people to, many other government agencies, churches, and private organizations that can help them.

If it weren’t for Melissa, I probably wouldn’t even still HAVE this totally volunteer ministry, which I started in 2012 — she knows, and connects us both, to people who have real needs, that we are able to help. And, since my stroke, she’s also performed many valuable services to “look out for me,” such as “filtering out” people who she can tell just want to selfishly use me, and keeping me on track, when I drive infuriatingly slow, or my short-term memory repeatedly forgets where we’re going or what we’re doing.

OCM's new business cards.
(I blacked-out her telephone number, which she chooses to have on the actual card)

Update, March 9, 2019: This afternoon, our new business cards arrived in the mail. They’re absolutely perfect! They’re jet black and glossy, and look exactly like I had designed them, on I love them!

Update, March 11, 2019: Melissa’s new OCM name badge, from, arrived in this afternoon’s mail. It looks exactly like I had designed it to look; just like mine:

Melissa's new OCM name badge!

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    Godspeed you, Melissa and Rob, as you reach out to the least, for theirs is The Kingdom!!

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