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I’ve been creating sites since 1997. Over the years, I’ve used many, many different Web hosts — each time after spending hours and hours poring over hundreds of other people’s web host reviews and comments at

In general, I’d have to say that most of the hosts that I’ve used have been at the top of their game at the time that I began using them. Unfortunately, I’d also have to say that almost all of them slipped significantly after I had used them for awhile.

Often, support ticket response started in the <10 minute area, but slipped to several HOURS over time. And server uptime, which began at nearly 100%, eventually slipped to the point where my sites were down often, and for hours at a time.

My current host, for the past 15 months or so, has been MDDHosting.

During that time, I believe that server uptime has actually IMPROVED, from 99.x percent each month, to 100% most months.

My experience has been that many Web hosts invest in really good hardware and software when they first start out, but, as they grow to have thousands, instead of hundreds, of customers, they continue to try to serve all those new clients without upgrading their initial hardware — causing their whole service to slow down.

In contrast, several weeks ago, MDDHosting bought a whole bunch of new equipment and upgraded everyone’s hardware, including the shared hosting server that serves my sites for me. I don’t pretend to remember or even understand everything that they upgraded, but I know that I was surprised that they would be so proactive as to spend real money to do real upgrades, to make sure that their clients would continue to enjoy fast and reliable hosting.

As for their tech support, I’ve found most everyone there to be very, very knowledgable and personable. Over the past 15 months, I’ve probably had 10 or so support tickets — mostly things that I’ve messed up and needed their help to fix — sometimes at 3 or 4 in the morning. In nearly every case, their response has been very fast, very helpful, and has taught me a lot.

In my ministry, I work with a lot of at-risk people every day. Many of them are just working the system, trying to fool me into thinking that I’m helping them when what they really want is for me to enable them, but I am truly blessed by those who really want help to change their lives. I always try to do everything I can to help them — but I also require them to do everything THEY can do, so that I’m helping them, rather than enabling them.

I feel like that’s sort of what Mike and MDDHosting have done for me. They’ve done everything they can do to help me with any questions/problems/issues I have — while requiring me to do everything I CAN, to help myself. That process was a little scary when this site was suddenly filled with spam one morning, and I just wanted someone else to fix it all FOR ME, but as I worked through the MDDHosting team’s suggestions for what to do, I learned SO MUCH through that process.

One more thing – over a year ago, MDDHosting configured all of its clients (who didn’t already have it) with Let’s Encrypt free certificates and HTTPS: site access — with the certificates set to automatically renew. I didn’t have to do anything at all!

With all of that in mind, I highly recommend MDDHosting.

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