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I don’t think I’ve ever before used this site to send anyone a personalized message.

But Malspa, my old friend, this morning, when I replied to your email message, via my normal SMTP, your secure email service bounced my message back to me, twice, telling me that there were permanent errors with your email address.

As best as I can tell, it’s the exact same, secure email address that you’ve been using — and I’ve been replying to — for several weeks now.

But, today, I received your message, but I couldn’t send you a reply to it.

UPDATE: I manually logged on to the secure service’s website, and sent two messages to your secure account there, from my secure account there. So far, those two messages haven’t bounced back to me.

I hope that maybe the secure email service is currently experiencing internet connection problems, but that I was able to get around those problems because I used their site itself, to send those two messages directly to you.


UPDATE, April 2: I suspect that my suspicions, yesterday, were correct.

Malspa’s secure email provider’s service appears to be working fine again, this morning!

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