It His Bedtime!

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According to my ministry partner, Melissa, a few nights ago, Mr. Peanut and his little brother, Ahmari, were helping to entertain a guest in their home.

After awhile, 2-1/2-year-old Mr. Peanut suddenly asked the guest, “What time is it?”

Melissa and the guest laughed — both were shocked that such a little guy would have any knowledge or understanding of the concept of time.

The astonished guest replied, “It’s 8:15.”

In a very businesslike tone, Mr. Peanut announced, “Oh, you go bye-bye now. It my bedtime.”

The guest left.

It his bedtime!

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2 Responses to It His Bedtime!

  1. Paulo Tadeu says:

    Another interesting event from these two fantastic brothers. Do they already know how to manage time?

  2. ComputerBob says:

    It sure looks like Mr. Peanut does, but I’ll have to wait, to see if he ever says something like that again.

    MAYBE he was just saying something that he had heard someone say on one of his children’s videos, or MAYBE he really didn’t know what he was saying, but he knew that, if he said it, his guest would leave! 😉

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