I’m Going To Be Okay

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Regular readers of this Journal and my coworkers know that I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of pain over the past few days, including a lot of horrible lower-back pain.

The type of sudden, excruciating pain that I hadn’t experienced in a very long time. Pain that — over time, and with a lot of work — had finally faded into being nothing more than a collection of horrible memories of old, traumatic injuries.

People who haven’t experienced it, have no idea how incapacitating it can be.

And how discouraging and disillusioning it is to have it come back with a vengeance after you’ve finally gotten over it.

The pain is still there today, but it’s more of a strongly aching reminder of how badly it had hurt at first, rather than the breathtakingly sharp, stabbing pain that had come as such a surprise a few days ago.

Life goes on, and God is with me.

It’s going to take time for me to completely heal again, but I have faith that eventually, I’m going to be okay.

And all of this pain will be reduced to just one more horrible memory.

I’ll be more careful in the future, to try to keep it from ever happening again — but I know that it probably will anyway.

Because sometimes, if you worry too much about whether something might hurt you, it keeps you from doing what you know you need to do.

So I prefer to do whatever I see needs to be done, and then deal with whatever pain comes from it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who wrote or called to express their love and concern for me through this extremely difficult time, as well as to everyone who couldn’t write or call, but who prayed for me.

Your continuing prayers and support are very important to me.

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  1. rick says:


    I’m not sure what’s happened, but I hope you’re ok and will be able to continue your good work.

    God Bless,
    Rick Robinson

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