How to Get Through TSA Screening Quickly

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Tomorrow (the day before Thanksgiving) is traditionally the busiest air travel day of the entire year.

I know a several people who are going out of town, either tomorrow or on Thanksgiving Day itself.

But none of them are flying to their destinations — they’re all planning to drive hundreds of miles.

In contrast, my wife and I will be staying home for Thanksgiving. I bought us a fresh turkey breast, some frozen corn, and some refrigerated mashed potatoes, so the two of us can enjoy a quiet dinner together that day.

In fact, I’m going to to be busy here, locally, doing doggy care for five different dogs in two different families, in two different cities, several times each day, for several days, while both families are gone for the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

If you’re planning to fly somewhere tomorrow — or any time in the foreseeable future — you can learn how to make your inspection by airport security personnel as hassle-free as possible by reading How to Get Through TSA Screening Quickly.

Or you could avoid the hassle altogether by staying home and doing doggy care for your traveling friends.

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