His Glasses

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Mr. Peanut loves to feel like a big boy.

One of the things that helps him feel like that, is to emulate his grandma (Melissa, my ministry partner).

So, every time she gets some food that she really likes, he tries to eat it all.

And recently, when she got a new pair of reading glasses, he wanted to wear her old pair, for fun.

Yesterday, in the car, he kept pointing at the floor in front of him, and repeating, “My glasses! My glasses!”

I found Melissa’s old glasses and gave them to him.

Grinning broadly, he unfolded them, and tried to put them on.

After several unsuccessful seconds, he held them up and offered them to me, so that I could put them on him.

Reaching back from the driver’s seat, I was able to get them onto his head, but I wasn’t able to get them to sit straight on his face.

He loved it! Laughing and laughing, he wore the crooked glasses, while he ate a piece of apple.

Mr. Peanut, wearing his glasses!

Mr. Peanut, eating some apple, while wearing his glasses!

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  1. Paulo Tadeu says:

    Mr. Peanut, you look like a businessman! 🙂

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