He’s Funny! He’s Silly!

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This morning, Mr. Peanut seemed pretty happy when his uncle Josh first put him into his car seat.

But, a little while later, when Melissa was inside a store, he suddenly started acting unusually cranky.

Thinking it would cheer him up, I started to cheerfully sing to him:

“Mamma shark! Doot, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo…”

He immediately interrupted me with a loud, angry screech.

I calmly said, “No, you don’t want to do that. You don’t have to screech.”

He angrily screeched again.

So I cheerfully said, “Oh, you’re funny!”

Suddenly happy, he replied, “I FUN-ny!”

I continued, “And you are silly!”

“I SIL-ly!”

Then I reached back and tickled his toes, and everything was fine again.

Update, April 8: Every day, Mr. Peanut says incredibly funny stuff from his car seat, making Melissa and me laugh and laugh.

Many times, his funniest comments make perfect sense, in the context of when he says them — like when Melissa returns to the car from someone’s house, he often says, “I FOUND you!”

Or when we drive past a Burger King or Mc Donald’s restaurant, and we suddenly hear a little voice call out, “I want fries!”

But, other times, his comments are out-of-context non sequiturs, like when we’re driving along, and he suddenly says — to no one in particular — “I said it!”

Then, when he hears us laughing at what he’s said, he laughingly tells us, “I funny! I silly!”

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