Helping Victims Become Survivors

Regular visitors to this site know that I was a victim of domestic violence, but I have become a survivor.

I know first-hand that the road from victim to survivor can be long and difficult. Sadly, it’s very often the case that very few friends or relatives have the knowledge or experience to help you find your way — and to make things even worse, the very people who should be loving and supporting you may turn against you and support your abuser instead.

That’s why there are organizations like the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence. FCADV provides safety, support and education to help victims become survivors, and teach everyone else how to be part of the solution.

If you are an abuse victim, or if you suspect that someone that you love is an abuse victim, I strongly urge you to get help right now. There are people who care about you and can help you. Life can be better.

You can find many sources of help and support in this site’s Domestic Violence Info section.

Please do it now.

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