He Works At His Desk

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Mr. Peanut’s grandma (my ministry partner, Melissa), recently got him a toy.

It’s a little desk that he can use when he draws, writes, and colors.

But it’s also a battery-powered educational tool.

It’s got a whole bunch of buttons, activities, and separate pages of pictures, songs, animals, colors, letters, and other types of information.

So, whenever the little, 2-1/2-year-old, “information vacuum cleaner” pushes one of its buttons, or touches any of its pictures, it makes a sound, sings a song, starts an activity, or tells him about the object that he has chosen.

Yesterday morning, Melissa sent me a photo, with the following note:

“He loves it!”

Mr. Peanut (Mr. Crazy Hair), working at his desk.

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2 Responses to He Works At His Desk

  1. Paulo Tadeu says:

    Mr. Peanut delights everyone with his joy and simplicity.

  2. ComputerBob says:

    You are right about that, my friend!

    Every day, I laugh with joy at the many cute and funny things that he does, and every day, I thank God that I am so blessed that Mr. Peanut is such an important part of my life. 😉

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