Happy Birthday, Bud! 2017

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Today is a very special day!

At 7:00 PM tonight, it will be exactly six years since I found and rescued our dog, Bud, from near-certain death in a nearby park.

Since we don’t know his actual birthday, we celebrate it on this date every year.

And since our vet back then told us that he was probably a year old at the time, today is Bud’s 7th birthday!

Bud is the sweetest, most-loyal, most-loving, most-patient, most-sensitive, most-nurturing dog I’ve ever known.

He’s very happy and very grateful to be in our family every day, and, every day, he loves, protects, comforts, and teaches his little brother, Maximimilan Kisses, how to be a good dog.

For example, last month, I took them both to the vet, for routine exams. Bud stood calmly on the examination table, with his eyes half-closed as the vet examined him, clipped his nails, and gave him a few shots. While all of that was happening, little Max hid in a corner of the examination room, underneath a chair. When Bud’s exam was done, Max didn’t want to come out from his hiding place. So I said, “Hey Bud, why don’t you give your baby some kisses, to help him feel better?”

Bud immediately walked across the room, crouched under the seat of the chair, and covered Max with kisses.

Another example: A couple of nights ago, I was sick, so I went to bed early, while my wife stayed up to watch TV. Like always, Bud enthusiastically followed me into the bedroom. To make the room darker, I slid our bedroom sliding door almost all the way closed — leaving just enough room for Max to squeeze in, if he wanted to. I almost immediately fell asleep. The next morning, my wife told me that, from our living room, she had seen Max stand outside of the mostly closed sliding door, crying quietly, because he didn’t think he could fit in through the small opening. A few seconds later, she saw Bud’s snout poke out of the opening, as he pushed the sliding door open farther, so that Max could come in and join us in the bed.

Even though little Max has always slept in our bed, under the covers, against my stomach, Bud was never allowed on our bed. He slept in his own bed, next to my side of our bed — until a few years ago, when my wife had hip replacement surgery. During the several weeks that she was recovering, mostly in bed, Bud would sneak up onto the bed to lie next to her and comfort her. That’s when we decided that Bud’s sensitive heart had earned him a place to sleep on our bed. Ever since then, he’s slept on my side of the bed, curled up against my lower legs, often with his head resting on my legs.

When I sit on our love seat, to watch TV, Max always curls up against my left side, and Bud always stretches out on my right.

And when I’m walking around the house, Bud often walks alongside me, and when I stop, he puts his head in my right hand, up against my leg — he’s exactly the right height to do that.

My wife and I are really, really happy that we have Bud. He’s such a good, good boy, and such a blessing to our family!

Bud, giving me five before I rub his chest.

Max and Bud, relaxing together.

Bud and Max, exploring the back yard together.

More of Bud and Max, exploring the back yard together.

Bud, looking for adventure.

Bud and Max, looking for neighbors to greet.

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday, Bud! 2017

  1. Paulo Tadeu says:

    Hello, I’m happy to see new photos of my friends, a happy day for everyone!

  2. ComputerBob says:

    Thank you, Paulo! You’re a good friend, to me and to Bud and Max!

  3. Candy says:

    Love those pictures!! Bud is truly a blessing from God, he couldn’t be with a better owner. God chose you 🙂 Happy Birthday Bud 🙂

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