Faith Healing?

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This morning, in the midst of the current “social distancing guidelines,” and our coronavirus-driven, stay-at-home culture, I was shocked by what I saw on a megachurch’s televised-live Sunday service.

Hundreds (maybe thousands?) of happy, face-mask-less people sat, packed, shoulder-to-shoulder, in the palatial sanctuary. As the “pastor used sardonic humor to deliver a prosperity theology message to his vigorously agreeing believers, I recognized him. He’s one of the rich, famous pastors that a former friend of mine admired, as a great teacher, theological hero, and role model for other clergy members to emulate.

That’s when I suddenly realized that I had to write the post that appears below:

Because I want to make it very clear, the very first sentences on the home page of my ministry web site say this:

“My name is Robinson. First off, I’m not an ordained minister. I’m just a regular guy — a follower of Christ — whose goal is to live in constant fellowship with God, so to joyfully love and serve Him in every situation that life presents.”

I used to spend lots of time at the home of a woman who — without any formal education, licensing, or ordination — called herself a minister, started and ran her own church, and even enjoyed the tax-free legal status that is usually reserved for real ministers and real churches.

She drove an expensive new, fully loaded, luxury SUV, and lived in an impressive, expensive, 2-story home that also had a finished basement (rare in Florida, due to the ground being sand), a boat, and a private boat ramp, right on the coast.

She wore only the finest clothes, and ate only the finest foods.

For the 3 years that I was close to her, I heard her tell people, over and over — both in her sermons, and in person — that she hadn’t been sick a day in the past twenty years.

In my opinion, that was a lie.

What I witnessed was that, every time she had a bad cold, a sore throat, stomach trouble, pounding headache, etc., she would stay home from all church events until she was well again.

Very few of us were ever allowed to see her at home, in her bathrobe, with her red, runny nose, puffy eyes, and other “sick” symptoms.

She did that same “invisible routine” once every several weeks.

But, if anyone would call to ask her, “How are you?”, she’d reply, “Great! By His stripes, I am healed.”

So her congregation was filled with people who believed her claim that she hadn’t been sick a day in the past twenty years.

People who occasionally got sick.

People who believed that they had gotten sick because — as she had taught them — it was their own fault.

They must be harboring some secret sin.

Or they somehow weren’t “Christian enough” to be immune from diseases and illnesses.

Or they simply didn’t have enough faith to be healed.

Unlike the tremendous faith that they knew that their leader had.

Anyone who has perused this web site, knows that I believe that, over the past several decades, God has chosen to miraculously heal me, totally undeservedly, many times, from many serious accidents, illnesses, and conditions.

God, for whatever reason that I may or may never understand, chose to heal me.

Yes, the Bible cites that it is possible to somehow be healed because of one’s faith.

But I’ve never been healed by “having enough faith,” or by saying the right incantations to make God act like a genie and do what I wanted.

To me, that would make ME God, and make God MY servant.

But, what do you think?

Do you think that the “not being sick for 20 years” claim that I described above, had anything to do with faith?

What does “faith” mean to you?

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9 Responses to Faith Healing?

  1. Lynda Lynch says:

    Heb11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
    Substance and evidence. God gives enough proof of who He is to his born-again children. I’ve seen so much proof, my eyes are open, and health or sickness, plenty or poverty, life and death don’t enter my equation for faith. It’s more like the 3 thrown into the firey furnace: our God can save us, but even if He doesnt, we will not bow down to false idols. Good topic!

  2. Judy Rundell says:

    Where to begin? How to sort out the dozens of instant reactions….. Jesus NEVER said to anyone that they would never be sick. Even though he did heal many people and said their sins were forgiven…. often it’s being stuck in a lifestyle that “misses the mark” (literally what sin means). These life styles can lead to any number of illnesses. Even my dear friend ComputerBob, who feels miraculously healed, changed his life style which aided in his healing to some degree. To feel you have a clean slate, sins forgiven, is often the cure to making a change in the direction of one’s life. I’m not saying that Jesus didn’t and still doesn’t perform miracles…. I feel I’ve had my own: the best example is the week I found out I was going to need life-saving open heart surgery to repair a broken valve, a cactus plant in my office sprouted a new branch in the shape of a cross. Typically cacti don’t grow new branches that quickly and never in the perfect shape of a cross. I knew I was going to be ok… and I am. I guess I’m still bouncing in many directions, but I don’t believe a specific sin ever causes a specific illness. I don’t believe anyone is immune from illness. If Jesus was fully human (and fully divine) and experienced all that we have as humans, then I suspect he too had a cold now and then. Hebrews defines faith: Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. It’s not a promise of a life without illness.

  3. ComputerBob says:

    Linda and Judy,

    THANK YOU so much, for taking the time and thought to post such excellent, deeply thought-provoking responses! I choked up as I read them out loud to my (publicly unnamed) wife. 😉

  4. Lisa Storey says:

    You are correct Bob. Many well intended people believe that somehow, if they claim enough that “By His stripes I am healed”, and have faith in that “promise” that physical healing is guaranteed. I think that this is one of the most misunderstood passages in the Bible and this misunderstanding has led to many leaving the church, disappointed that God didn’t make good on what they were told was His promise. The key, as you pointed out so well, is that God is God and we are not. Health, material prosperity (which are major tenants of the “prosperity gospel”) and a trouble free life were never promised to us. On the contrary, Jesus calls us to enter into His suffering and the suffering of others, and the promise He gives is that He will never leave us or forsake us- that He has given us the Helper, the Holy Spirit, to comfort and to guide us in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. Does God heal people? Absolutely! But as you said, it is HIS sovereign choice to do so, or not to do so in this time-space world. In my understanding of the Isaiah passage, the stripes Christ suffered during His torturous whipping and ultimately His death on the cross achieved for us our ULTIMATE HEALING when He paid our debt and overpowered our eternal death. That is the healing we all need!!

  5. ComputerBob says:

    WOW! Lisa! Thank you so much for that powerful teaching and witness! There are some extremely trusted people whose comments I KNOW I can approve to appear on this site immediately, even before I’ve read them! You, Linda, and Judy are 3 of those people. Please stay safe in your medical work, dear friend!

  6. Bill Pocklington says:

    I make this suggestion only, that you use the pseudonym for your unnamed spouse. I suggest you call her “Moniker”, as in my previously unnamed wife, whose moniker is Moniker.

  7. ComputerBob says:

    Very clever, Mr. Bond! Unfortunately, I don’t have enough faith to believe that the majority of people on the Internet have any idea what a “moniker” is.

    I suspect they might think it has something to do with Moniker Lewinski! 😉

  8. Candy says:

    Thank you for sharing Bob, keep following the Holy Spirit leading you to exactly where he wants to use you. May God continue to bless you and XXXXXX and all those whose path you cross. Love and Peace to you, may God keep you safe and healthy!

  9. ComputerBob says:

    Thank you for your loyal support all of these years! I pray the same for you, your hubby, your babies, your children, and all who each own part of your heart! 😉

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