Connections 24

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Two of the many things that I’ve been doing, in my ministry, have been to pick up boxes of food to deliver to needy families, and pick up carloads of food to deliver to a weekly church service and meal for the homeless, where I’ve also served as a leader and the music minister.

Both of those tasks have required me to make many trips to a ministry that’s about 20 miles away — a rescue mission that’s also one of this county’s biggest food banks, handling millions of pounds of food every year.

As a result of all of my visits to that ministry — and because he’s also heard me minister at several places over the past year or so — I’ve become friends with the man who supervises the food warehouse.

For the past several months, the rescue mission/food bank ministry has owned an old box truck whose side opens up into a stage. About once each month, they’ve taken that truck into different neighborhoods, where they’ve set up the stage, done a free, live, Christian concert, fed everyone in the audience, and preached the Gospel to them.

A few weeks ago, the ministry employee who organized and performed at those and other events, left that ministry, so “the happy truck” has been sitting, unused. And, likewise, the ministry hasn’t been able to provide any live music at its Saturday night events, where it has always brought music, an entire hot meal, and ministry to a local “tent city” of hundreds of homeless people.

When my friend, the food warehouse supervisor, told me about that, I offered to talk to the ministry’s director, to see if he would be interested in having me provide live music for one of their “tent city” events.

So my friend told the ministry’s director about my offer, and highly recommended me to him.

Late last week, the director and I met in his office, for a long coversation about ministry. It turned out that we agree on a lot of things, including my opinion that the main reason I play my guitar and sing is to get people to listen to the words of my songs. At the end of that meeting, I agreed to do an Internet-streamed concert at the rescue mission tonight, so that he could hear my music and testimony for the first time.

That concert went really well. I was able to weave several parts of my testimony with several of my songs. And when I did an altar call at the end, almost everyone in the audience raised their hand, to either accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, or to renew their commitment to the Lord.

After tonight’s concert, the director told me that my music and testimony are exactly what he’s been looking for. He wants me to provide the live music and testimony at the “tent city” event this coming Saturday — and he also wants me to start using “the happy truck” to do a few concerts each month in this area. He’ll make all of the arrangements, and he’ll provide the truck. He’ll also provide the employees to drive it and to set up its stage, along with the gasoline, the sound equipment, and all of the food for the entire event. All I’ll have to do is minister through my music and testimony.

So now we’re going to start working together, to find places where we can have those events.

God is good.

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  1. Micki Mossbrucker says:

    Hello , dearest Cousin Bob,

    I just read your Connections 24 to Bob and LuAnne as we are making our way to pick Spike up at the Seattle airport! We are all so grateful for the way God is blessing and expanding your wonderful ministry! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    We will continue to lift you, your lovely wife, and your ministry up in prayer!

    Much love ,

    Micki, Bob, and LuAnne

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