Celebrity Quackery

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These days, everybody and their brother — and their sister — has medical advice that they want to sell you.

Yes — sell you.

That’s almost always what’s really happening when you see celebrities dispensing medical advice on TV talk shows. With a few, rare exceptions, each of them is selling a book, and they go on talk shows to promote their book and increase its sales, the same way that movie stars go on talk shows to promote their new movies, and Tom Cruise goes on talk shows to promote his movies and to sell his religion.

And most people sitting in their living rooms never even realize that they’re watching hour-long commercials for celebrities’ books, disguised as talk shows.

And afterward, millions of people go out and buy those books.

Books that contain bad, medically unproven, or even dangerous advice.

So do yourself a favor and don’t watch those talk shows.

Don’t buy those books.

And don’t take medical advice from celebrity quacks.

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