Can You Keep Your Old Parts?

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About 14 years ago, my wife began experiencing discomfort in her right knee and hip.

A few years later, the pain increased significantly.

A few medical visits confirmed that it was because her right hip ball and socket were “bone-on-bone.”

She suffered through that pain for several more years, until, finally, late last fall, she underwent a complete hip replacement surgery on her right hip.

After a long recovery from that, her follow-up X-rays revealed that her right knee had become bone-on-bone, too.

So, next week, she’s going to undergo a complete knee replacement surgery on her right knee.

Oddly enough, her left knee and hip are just fine, and have never experienced any problems at all.

Here’s an interesting article that discusses whether you can keep the parts of you that surgeons remove.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t even mention joint replacement surgeries.

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