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Bud is an abandoned one-year-old dog that Max and I found in a nearby park about 7:00 PM, the night of July 30, 2011. We took him home and rescued him.

Here are updates that I started writing five days later.

I shot the first video below of Bud on the afternoon of July 4, 2011, four days after I first rescued him. As you can see, Bud is a healthy, happy, handsome, calm, gentle, loving boy. I’m doing my best to make sure that he is going to be an excellent part of some deserving new family.

Be sure to listen carefully to the words of the song that’s playing on the radio near the end of the video — I choke up every time I get to that part.

Bud’s First Video:


I shot Bud’s music video (Everybody Needs A Bud) on July 24, 2011. In the past few weeks, I’ve taught him many, many things, including how to sit, shake, lay down, play fetch, go into his crate on command, eat dry dog food, and chew on rawhide bones. As you can see, he’s a very happy, very loving boy, all ready for a happy, loving home.

Bud’s Music Video (Everybody Needs A Bud):


(“The Bud Song” by DB Bryant Band, dbw productions – dbbryant.com)

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Update, November 30, 2011: Bud has found his forever home!

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