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After moving to Florida, way back at the end of 2003, it took my wife and me several years to get used to many differences between living up north, and living down here, such as:

  • The climate (it’s warm here, with no snow)
  • The traffic (here, it’s like a whole state full of beginning drivers)
  • The store hours (everything here closes at night)
  • The wildlife (i.e., alligators and huge birds, instead of little northern birds)
  • The work ethic is much stronger up north
  • General honesty and integrity is much stronger up north

Down here, some people like to feed the large birds. At some homes, you can drive by at certain times, and see several huge birds, perched on the roof, patiently waiting until the homeowner goes outside and feeds them. Usually hot dogs.

They like hot dogs.

Often, you’ll see some sort of large bird, hanging out at a local McDonald’s, standing outside the exit, walking around on the pavement, or perched on the hood of someone’s car — knowing that delighted customers will give them some of their food.

This morning, my wife and I were in the garage, carrying in the groceries that she had just bought.

Suddenly, she called out, “Look at that!”

I turned and looked outside of the garage, but I didn’t see anything.

“A huge egret just flew over!”

Just then, I saw the huge egret.

It was landing right inside our garage, about 4 feet away from us.

“Uhhh!!!!” was all I could manage to exclaim, as I pointed at it.

Startled, it quickly flew back outside, landing on the roof of my wife’s Saturn, where it studied us.

An egret comes to visit.

A few seconds later, it jumped off of her car, and walked back into our garage.

An egret comes to visit.

My wife and I stood, laughing in surprise, as the egret continued to study us.

I slowly walked toward it. When I got about 2 feet away, it backed up, matching my speed of movement.

As we both calmly talked to it. It stood and looked at us, apparently waiting for us to feed it.

My wife walked up to it, a little faster than I had. She continued to walk toward it until it was outside the garage again. Then, she came back inside the garage.

The persistently friendly egret followed her back into the garage.

An egret comes to visit.

So I walked toward it until I had backed it a few feet outside of the garage.

Then, I quickly darted back inside, where my wife was waiting to lower the garage door.

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  1. Paulo Tadeu says:

    A large bird, she liked her garage.

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