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It’s only been a little more than 36 hours since Annamarie next door loaned me the book, “Treat Your Own Back,” as I described in yesterday’s Journal entry.

Yet, my back pain is already about 90% gone, thanks to that book’s advice. When I first wake up in the morning, and any time I feel a little twinge of pain, I do the stretching exercise that the book recommended to me, and after I feel a small “pop” in my lower back, the pain is instantly gone.

Anyone who has suffered lower back pain can testify to the fact that it often causes it to be painful to sit down, yet its sharp, stabbing pains prevents you from standing up or walking. It’s nearly impossible to find a comfortable position, and time creeps by very, very slowly.

It’s the type of constant, in-your-face pain that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Then again, I don’t know you, so, for all I know, it’s exactly the type of pain that you would wish on your worst enemy. I’ll leave that for you to decide, based on the calibration of your own personal moral compass.

But I’ve been doing so well that yesterday, I mowed our front lawn and a big chunk of our back lawn. It’s the rainy season here, so lawns often have to be mowed twice each week to keep up with their rapid growth. Our lawn was about 9-inches tall, and even taller in some areas, due to my back injury keeping me from even thinking of mowing for the past several days.

When I got too hot to mow any more, I stopped for the day. That’s when I noticed one tiny twinge of pain on one side of my lower back. So I went inside, lay on the living room floor, and stretched until I felt the familar tiny pop that confirmed that everything was back in place again. That was reconfirmed when I stood up again, and the tiny pain was gone.

So, once again, if you or someone you love suffers from back pain, I highly recommend that you investigate Robin McKenzie’s books that I described in yesterday’s Journal entry.

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