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A couple of days ago, I met a woman online who’s going through hell. I won’t tell you all that she’s going through, but here’s a sample:

  1. Recently, a homeless stranger brutally assaulted her — leaving her with permanent, disfiguring injuries that frighten her young children and make them cry — because he thought that she looked like his ex.
  2. Her finances are in shambles, due to several situations beyond her control, including her not being able to work in her current physical condition.
  3. She has life-threatening cancer.

I’ve been writing to her, to try to bring her comfort. Everything below this paragraph is one of the many messages that I sent her today, to which she responded really well. I hope that it speaks to you, too:


There’s a bible verse (Romans 8:28) that says:

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”

Unfortunately, a lot of Christians completely misunderstand that verse. They think it means that, when something horrible happens to you, you should accept that it was God’s will for that bad thing to happen. And then they try to “comfort” you by telling you that.

But, honestly, is there anyone in the world who would be COMFORTED to know that GOD WANTED some horrible thing to happen to them?

Of course not. Even people who don’t believe in God can’t imagine that Christians would love a God who would want horrible things to happen to us.

I wish everyone could understand that the truth is that God loves us all. We are all His children. God doesn’t want bad things to happen to His children any more than you want bad things to happen to your children. In fact, God loves each of us MORE than any of us could ever love our own children.

But when God created people, he gave each of us a free will. We have the choice to follow God if we want to. But we also have the choice to sin if we want to — to do evil things, to ourselves and to others — even to someone we don’t even know, just because we think they look like our ex.

God doesn’t take away or cancel ANYONE’S (Hitler, drug dealer, ex-spouses, used car salesmen, etc.) free will, because He doesn’t want us to be robots or puppets. He wants us to freely CHOOSE to serve Him.

So don’t let any well-meaning-but-immature Christian make you feel bad, by telling you that it was “God’s will” for you to experience all of the evil that you’re experiencing. What that verse (above) is saying is “No matter what happens in your life, even if it’s not God’s will, God will FIND A WAY to use it for good in your life, if you love Him and are serving Him.”

It’s as simple as that.

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