A Huge Surprise

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Regular readers know that I’ve often mentioned my wife’s and my terrific next-door neighbors, Mike and Annamarie. Over the past 4 years, they’ve evolved from being nice neighbors to being like family. (Like good family, for those of you who’ve read about my biological relatives in this site’s DV Information section.)

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of helping them with their dogs. When M+A are away, I feed the dogs, let them out for bathroom breaks, and generally give them lots of love. And many evenings, I help take them all out for walks.

On the afternoon of Fathers Day, while my wife and I were lazing around the house, Mike came to our front door and handed me a plastic container filled with his homemade barbeque chicken and a blue envelope. On the outside of the envelope, it said, “To our surrogate DAD.”

When I read that card, I laughed and laughed. I put in on the top shelf over our TV set, and for several hours after that, I’d return to it to read it again and laugh. It was such a surprise and it really made my day. It’s still on that shelf today, where I see it every time I watch TV.

Here’s what the front and inside of the card look like:

No matter how rich you are, you could never hope to buy such great neighbors.

And if you’re wondering, Mike’s barbeque chicken was delicious.

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