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Through my share of good times and probably more than my share of challenges, I've learned that life is hard, but God is good — so I've always tried to put my faith into action and keep my sense of humor. This Web site has been my labor of love since 1997 — I sincerely hope that it blesses and empowers you.

Types Of Fireworks

Later tonight, the skies around my home will be filled with large, loud fireworks.

Yes, it’s U.S. Independence Day, but I’m not talking about the licensed and legal fireworks shows that all of the nearby cities do.

Nope, I’m one of those lucky people with several neighbors who enjoy shooting large, dangerous, illegal fireworks up into the sky in their own back yards every year — just a few [more…]

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What Space Travel Does To The Human Body

Science fiction movies are mostly silent on the problem.

Star Trek and other science fiction TV shows don’t really talk about it either.

The closest that some of them come is to occasionally show space travelers being transported long distances in a state of suspended animation.

But putting someone into a state of suspended animation wouldn’t solve the problem — in fact, [more…]

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Who Made This Mess?

Dogs are the best.

They’re cute, funny, obedient, loyal, and full of love.

But, every once in awhile, a dog does something that they shouldn’t do.

And that’s when they need a true friend by their side.

One who [more…]

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Cousin Oliver Syndrome

What do these old TV programs have in common?

The Brady Bunch.
The Partridge Family.
My Three Sons.
The Cosby Show.
Family Ties.
Different Strokes. [more…]

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Artificial Unintelligence

Thirty years ago, I bought a Commodore Amiga computer.

It was very advanced computer technology for its time, but it was poorly marketed and supported, so it never enjoyed the popularity that it deserved.

One of the things that I enjoyed doing on it was using its built-in voice capabilities.

I would input any text I wanted, and the Amiga would read it out loud to me — which made it really easy and fun to [more…]

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Have We Lost The Privacy War? 133

YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, Amazon, Pinterest, Apple, Craigslist, eBay, Netflix, Instagram, Pandora, Reddit, PayPal, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Mashable.

Those are just a few of the myriad of online companies that many of us interact with on a regular basis.

Each of them typically collects and stores tons of personal data about each of us.

Each has its own terms of service and data retention policies that [more…]

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Twelve Years Of The Blues

We’ve all seen them for many years.

Mostly on commercials, and occassionally in short acts on television variety shows.

Those who are rich enough and lucky enough, have seen them perform in person.

Years ago, one of my nephews dreamed of auditioning to become a member.

I think he probably would’ve [more…]

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The Truth About Antibiotics

I usually get sick a couple of times each year.

It always starts with my sinuses getting plugged up.

But that infection quickly turns into a sore throat — and, within a day or two, spreads to my lungs, where it lives as a deep, painful. and horrible-sounding bronchial cough for up to several weeks.

Several months ago, it got so bad that [more…]

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Look At The Spirals

One of my former employers had a large, open lunch room for its students, along with a small, locked break room for its faculty and staff.

During my employment there, I spent a lot of time in the latter.

But I also visited the student lunch room every day, because it contained several vending machines, filled with food, drinks, and desserts. The faculty break room only contained [more…]

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Stuck With Vigilante Justice

I’ve never done it, but I know people who have.

Here in the Sunshine State, the penalty for getting caught is “a fine of up to $250.”

I see violators every day, just about everywhere I go.

Yet, in all of my decades, I’ve never met — or even heard of — anyone who’s ever had to pay a fine. [more…]

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How To Choose The Best Sunscreen

Here in the aptly named Sunshine State, it’s sunny almost every day of every season, all year long.

Now that it’s summer in the northern hemisphere, the sun is high in the sky every day, and it’s vacation time for many Americans, so they’re spending a lot more time in the sun than they usually do during the other seasons.

That means that each of us in the Sunshine State, and anyone who’s spending more time in the sun than they usually do, really needs to [more…]

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Why Aren’t We All Using Solar Power?

Home-based, solar-generated electricity is virtually pollution-free.

You can buy solar panels at Lowe’s.

Solar panels on your home’s roof can save you hundreds of dollars per year on your home’s energy costs.

They can also make it easier for your local utility company to meet peak electrical demands without [more…]

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To The Beat Of A Different Drummer 2

Art Blakey.

Gene Krupa.

Buddy Rich.

Keith Moon.

John Bonham. [more…]

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Turn Off Your Brain!

My wife’s been saying it to me for decades:

“Turn off your brain — it’s keeping me awake.”

I have a tendency to think really hard when I’m supposed to be sleeping, and she says that “the sound of the gears gnashing inside” my brain cah wake her up from a sound sleep.

The other times that she has [more…]

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