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Through my share of good times and probably more than my share of challenges, I've learned that life is hard, but God is good — so I've always tried to put my faith into action and keep my sense of humor. This Web site has been my labor of love since 1997 — I sincerely hope that it blesses and empowers you.

Shopping Mistakes

As often as we can, my wife and I make Saturday mornings our shopping-and-errands time.

We always take our dogs, Bud and Max, with us, along with a list of what we need to do and buy, and we drive from store to store.

At each place, I find a shady spot to park the car, and my wife and the boys stay in the car while I go inside to do the things on our list.

My wife and the boys [more…]

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Millions Of Home Routers Are Vulnerable 3

Do you connect to the Internet at home with more than one computer, tablet, or game console?

If so, you’re probably using a router.

The good news is that a home router can make it easy to share your Internet connection between multiple devices.

The bad news is that the vast majority of home routers [more…]

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Patently Absurd 2

The U.S. patent system was originally created to give inventors a certain amount of time in which they alone could profit from their inventions.

I think that was a good idea.

Unfortunately, the current patent system in the U.S. has reached a level of absurdity.

It now suffers from the existence of “patent trolls” — entities that [more…]

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Tips For Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh

Mothers Day will be here in less than 3 weeks.

If you live far away from your mother, and you send her a floral arrangement, ordered through an online florist, there’s a good chance that she will receive something different than what you ordered.

I had that experience more than once in the past, because many online florists forward your online order to a local florist who’s near your mother, and that florist may or may not [more…]

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An Old Scam

There are tens of thousands of them.

People who desperately need money.

Willingly traveling together in small groups, all over the country.

Their handlers may use alcohol, drugs, and abuse to keep them in line.

If they perform well on the streets, they can [more…]

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Something Is Not Right In Oz 5

Lately, things have definitely not been going Dr. Oz’s way.

First came the critics, saying that he lacked integrity and ethics on his nationally televised TV show.

Then came the U.S. government, investigating the same thing.

Then came a letter from ten of his nationally known colleagues, asking Columbia University to [more…]

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Was Betty A Psychopath?

Like every generation before and after us, those of us who are “Baby Boomers,” have our own unique set of shared cultural memories.

For some of us, one of those is “Archie” comic books.

I never, ever bought a single issue, yet I remember reading stacks of them when I was a kid. Since I didn’t have any friends who had comics, I’m guessing that the ones that I read probably came from the piles of leftover, unsold items after each year’s rummage sale, at the [more…]

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Wow, That’s Really Big!

We all know that outer space is vast.

And the universe is constantly expanding, at an astronomical rate (pun intended).

It contains billions and billions of stars.

Our planet is but a speck of sand in an almost infinite beach.

Such information may be [more…]

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Something Is Not Right In Oz 4

It’s been almost 10 months since I first brought his problems to your attention.

Dr. Oz is a medical doctor — in fact, he’s probably the most famous medical doctor in the United States, with his own, highly rated TV show.

But he’s been criticized and under scrutiny for quite awhile.

Not for the way he practices medicine in his medical office or performs his surgeries.

But for the way critics say he [more…]

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A New Musical Low

Back in the late ’70s and early ’80s, when my wife and I had our music ministry together, our voices blended perfectly.

That’s because we both had almost exactly the same 2-1/2-octave singing range.

I used to jokingly call it “Bar-Ten-Alto.”

At the high end of the range, my wife could sing 3 half-steps higher than I could, and at the low end, I could sing [more…]

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Crime Doesn’t Pay? 3

Conventional wisdom teaches us that “crime doesn’t pay.”

Yet we’ve all known of criminals who have stolen millions of dollars, ruined others’ lives, or even committed murder, and gotten away with it.

Sometimes, criminals “pay their debt to society,” and then, afterward, are handsomely (and legally) rewarded for using their criminal skills and knowledge.

A good example of that are [more…]

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Grave Decisions

My maternal grandfather died and was buried in 1945.

His grave is still there, in the same spot, in the same cemetery — along with the grave of his wife, my grandmother, who died in 1963.

When I was a kid, my mother used to visit her parents’ grave several times each year, taking us kids along with her each time.

That’s how, several years ago, when I was in the area, I [more…]

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