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Through my share of good times and probably more than my share of challenges, I've learned that life is hard, but God is good — so I've always tried to put my faith into action and keep my sense of humor. This Web site has been my labor of love since 1997 — I sincerely hope that it blesses and empowers you.

Here’s What You Should Do

In my ministry this past week, I helped three different men of faith who were all dealing with their own versions of the following question:

“What should I do?”

As a caring, intelligent, experienced person, I could have easily told each of them what I thought they “should do” in their situations.

However, as a caring, intelligent, experienced [more...]

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I Think Maybe He’s Being Sarcastic

Lucky you — you have teenage children.

Unfortunately for you, your children are normal teenagers.

So they don’t do a lot of things that human beings would do.

Like change the toilet paper roll when the toilet paper runs out.

And, of course, talking with them [more...]

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Have We Lost The Privacy War? 121

If you were in your own private back yard, doing something that your private back yard allowed you to do in private, and someone outside of your private back yard climbed up a ladder, peeked over your fence and began watching you, I’ll bet you might feel like they were invading your right to privacy.

Would you feel that same way if a police drone suddenly appeared overhead, shooting video of you doing your private activity in your private back yard?

Well, it turns out that [more...]

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A Love Story

My regular readers know that my wife and I have been in love for almost 42 years and married for more than 39 years.

As a result — just like anyone who’s ever been in love — I have a huge collection of still images and videos of countless points in our relationship.

Times of incredible joy.

As well as [more...]

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Your Morning Cup Of Poison

When I wake up every morning, I face the world on my own — without that caffeinated beverage that millions of people require to get them going.

However, just like the fact that I’ve always been a complete teetolaler, my avoidance of coffee has absolutely nothing to do with strength of character or faith.

I’ve just never liked how coffee tastes.

So I’ve never been tempted to [more...]

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Space Eyes

Some of us are old enough to remember the 1970s TV show, The Six Million Dollar Man.

It was “about a former astronaut with bionic implants working for a fictional government office known as OSI.”

The main character’s six million dollars worth of implants gave him several superhuman powers. For example, he could run 60 mph, and his left eye implant could [more...]

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Have We Lost The Privacy War? 120

How much do you value your privacy?

If you’re like most online people these days, your truthful answer is probably “Not very much.”

Over the past couple of decades, online service providers have tried to tempt us all into trading our privacy in exchange for a little bit of fun or convenience (I’m looking at you, [more...]

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Stop Being A Pushover

As a man of faith, I really enjoy helping people. As a result, I really enjoy working in my ministry.

In fact, as I’ve said many times before, there’s absolutely nothing I’d rather be doing with my life.

But when it’s “your job” to help people, it’s very easy to start feeling like it’s your job to help everyone.

In fact, like a new winner of a huge lottery prize, you will [more...]

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Advice About Asking For Advice

My regular readers know that I was raised in an ominously terrifying atmosphere of domestic violence.

And that my father never taught me any important lessons or gave me any advice on any subject.

In fact, he treated me more like a rival than his loved, impressionable child.

As a result, everything I learned from him [more...]

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Everybody’s Watching – What Should You Do?

I’m sure that my regular readers already know this, because I’ve mentioned it before, but research indicates that most people would prefer death over having to speak in public.

Yes, you read that correctly — most people say that they’d rather die than give a speech to a group.

I think that’s probably because most people are worried that they might embarrass themselves in [more...]

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If you scroll down and take a look at the bottom of any page on this site, you’ll see that, as of a couple of weeks ago, I’ve written over 4,200 posts here.

As I’ve said many times before, I may not be a great writer, but through the experience of writing thousands of posts, at least I’ve developed a consistent style.

Do you ever wonder how I’ve thought of so many things to write about?

Maybe I’ll [more...]

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Thank You For Not Hiring Me

Those who really know me, know that I’ve had at least 60 different jobs since I started working as a teenager.

And I’ve been blessed — as well as cursed, depending on how you look at it — to have been able to make a living doing every single thing I’ve ever wanted to do.

Photographer, educator, singer/songwriter/musician, television director, computer consultant — the list [more...]

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