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Through my share of good times, and possibly more than my share of challenges, I've learned that life is hard, but God is good — so I've always tried to put my faith into action and keep my sense of humor. This Web site has been my labor of love since 1997. I hope that it and my ministry will bless, inspire, and empower you.

Gorillas In The Midst – Of Kansas

A tiny town in Kansas recently experienced several mountain lion sightings.

It’s pretty rare occurrence for mountain lions to appear in the flatlands of middle America.

So police set up some motion-detecting, night-vision cameras, to [more…]

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The Unsinkable Hugh Williams

Three ships.

All three sank off the northern coast of Wales.

All three sank on the exact same day of the year.

But the three sank nearly [more…]

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Have We Lost The Privacy War? 147

Individual privacy vs. national security.

Which of those concepts is more important to you?

Do you think that, unless you’re engaged in criminal activity, you have an inalienable right to privacy? [more…]

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Bucket Boy

If you’ve ever witnessed a really good, live rock or Latin band, The Blue Man Group, or a stage show like Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk, you’ve experienced it:

The mesmerizing effect of a good drum solo.

A really talented and experienced drummer can simultaneously use both of their hands and both of their feet — each [more…]

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Backstage In Havana

Fidel Castro is dead.

And pundits all over the world are discussing the legacy of the longtime ruler of the communist island nation of Cuba.

Was Castro a freedom fighter, “a man of the people,” who [more…]

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If you were an extremely creative person…

And if you also had extensive software engineering experties…

And extensive experience working with large-scale industrial robotics…

And extensive experience [more…]

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A Very Bad Backup Plan

For some reason, the police have arranged to have his car towed away.

There it sits, on top of a flatbed truck.

But he doesn’t want it to be towed away.

In fact, [more…]

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But Does It Explode?

If you have and use a smartphone, you’re used to having to re-charge its battery — possibly every single day.

The result is that you can’t use your phone for several hours each day.

Smartphones are pretty efficient devices — but [more…]

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Stand Up, Sit Down, Work, Work, Work!

If you’re like most Americans with office jobs, you sit behind a desk all day at work.

But, if you’re like a growing number of them, then for any number of arguable health or ergonomic reasons, you’ve moved on to using a stand-up desk.

Most employers apparently don’t [more…]

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Creative Harmony – DOWNLOAD

As many of my regular readers know, I’m a Christian singer/songwriter, with my own full-time ministry, and decades of experience singing solo and in groups.

Often, people ask me how I’m always able to think up many different, often unexpected, harmonies to sing.

I actually use many techniques that I’ve collected over the years, to [more…]

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Very Clever, Mr. Bond

Movie fans may remember the pistol that fictional secret agent James Bond used in most of his adventures.

According to Wikipedia, it was a Walther PPK — and there’s an interesting story about how that particular model became Bond’s most famous gun.

If you’re a James Bond fan, or [more…]

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Where’d Ya Get That Name?

My regular readers may remember that, a little more than 10 years ago, my wife and I cut off all contact with my birth family.

And legally changed our last name.

They may even remember [more…]

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A Weird Little Website

Have you ever visited a website that talks to you?

If so, did it talk to you in real time, with a real, human voice, describing its interactions with you?

And describing what you [more…]

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The Apple Book

This post is not a joke — it’s absolutely true.

Three days ago, Apple announced the availability of a new product.

It’s not an iBook, an iMac, an iLikeMacandCheese, or any similar product.

It’s a [more…]

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AI Has A Lot To Learn

Google’s researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system.

That neural network already knows a lot of things.

But it needs to learn more.

And you can help teach it [more…]

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Time For A Special Prosecutor?




Benghazi. [more…]

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Cities Going To Hell 2

There’s a small town in Italy where people’s homes caught fire.

Many people’s homes.

Suddenly, without any warning.

Over a period of many years. [more…]

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The Way We Were

My wife and I met and instantly became best friends in 1972.

We’ve been married since 1975.

Yes, we’ve each changed a lot since we first met.

But anyone who knew us way back when [more…]

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Man, That’s Really Deep 2

How deep is your love? How deep is your love? I really mean to learn.
The Bee Gees, 1977

I don’t know how deep your love is, but I know how deep the deepest parts of the world’s oceans are.

They’re nearly [more…]

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I Made A Website

My regular readers know that I created this entire website myself.

Originally, by learning how to code in simple HTML.

Then by using tools like Dreamweaver (in Windows) and, later, Quanta Plus (in Linux) to [more…]

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