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Through my share of good times and probably more than my share of challenges, I've learned that life is hard, but God is good — so I've always tried to put my faith into action and keep my sense of humor. This Web site has been my labor of love since 1997 — I sincerely hope that it blesses and empowers you.

Better Than A Fruit Of The Month Club

There’s a scene in one episode of the TV show, Everybody Loves Raymond, that my wife and I think is really funny.

In it, Raymond’s mother wonders out loud why she’s received a box of fruit in the mail.

Raymond tells her that he had it sent to her.

She starts complaining that it’s just too much fruit — that she and her husband won’t be able to eat that much fruit.

Then Raymond tells her that he signed her up for a fruit of the month club, so she’ll be [more...]

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Can Dogs Smell Time?

Many people who’ve had a dog have experienced it.

Your dog “knows what time it is.”

Or, at least, they know — within a few minutes each day — exactly when it’s time to eat, or go for their walk, or go to bed at night.

In our household, Mini was our very first “timekeeper.” She’d grumble at us every day when it was her suppertime. Then she’d go into the hallway to our bedroom, grumble at us, and scratch her front paws on the carpet like a bull, at 10:00 every night, to tell us that it was time to go to bed.

The funny thing is that scientists [more...]

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He’s Got A Great Cribside Manner

My regular readers know that I grew up with a needle phobia that lasted until just a few years ago.

When I was a kid, every time I got a shot, I’d break into a cold sweat or throw up, or feel like I was going to throw up — and those feelings would last until several minutes after I’d left the doctor’s office.

Dr. Lustigman would always show me his jar of colored candy suckers beforehand, and say, “After your shot, you can have one of these.”

But I don’t remember ever getting one of those suckers. He wasn’t a very patient man (no pun intended), so I’m guessing that each time he [more...]

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Ridiculous TV Show Concepts

I spent a big part of my childhood in the 1960′s, so I grew up during the early days of television.

If you’re as old as I am, then you may remember back when TV stations showed test patterns, and when The Flintstones and Batman (with potbellied Adam West in the title role) were prime-time TV shows.

You may also remember My Mother The Car, The Flying Nun, My Favorite Martian, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Mr. Ed, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and, later on, ALF and Mork and Mindy.

If you’re an observant type with a good memory, you may even remember [more...]

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Space Hacks

My regular readers know that I’ve been curious about how everything works ever since I was a kid.

And so I’ve always been a real DIY kind of guy.

Over the past several decades, I’ve worked on just about everything I’ve owned at one time or another.

That’s why I really enjoyed the episode of the TV show, The Big Bang Theory, in which aerospace engineer, Howard Wolowitz, employed his friends to help him think of a way for orbiting astronauts to repair the onboard “space toilet” that he had designed, to prevent it from [more...]

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10 Bets You’ll Always Win

If you’re a clever person, you probably know a few tricks that you can do to impress or amaze your friends and aquaintances.

My regular readers know that I’ve never drank alcohol — not necessarily because of my incredible strength of will, but mostly because my father drank beer when I was growing up and I didn’t like the smell of it — and because I’ve never seen any reason to drink alcoholic drinks.

But for those of you who drink — and who spend time in bars — I know (from watching TV shows) that people in bars often like to bet each other that they can do little tricks, with the winner winning a drink from the loser. [more...]

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The Storm That Would’ve Trashed Civilization

Two years ago, our planet barely missed being hit by a storm that would’ve had dire consequences for civilization as we know it.

It wasn’t a hurricane.

In fact, if it had hit us, its financial impact would’ve been $2 trillion — twenty times that of Hurricane Katrina.

“On July 23, 2012, the sun unleashed two massive clouds of plasma that barely missed a catastrophic encounter with the Earth’s atmosphere. These plasma clouds, known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs), comprised a solar storm thought to be the most powerful in at least [more...]

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Is Your Air Conditioner Broken?

It’s summertime in the northern hemisphere, so those of us in the southern U.S. are enjoying/enduring temperatures of more than 90 degrees (F) nearly every day.

We use a lot of air conditioning down here.

In fact, because we have long, hot summers and short, warm winters, we spend a lot more on air conditioning every year than we spend on heat.

So it’s vitally important that our air conditioning units function well — and repairs can be very expensive when they don’t.

If your air conditioning unit isn’t cooling as much as it should, [more...]

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Grocery Cart Humiliation

You know, there’s a huge difference in quality between the shopping carts that you find at different stores.

For example, my local Walmart store has the oldest, worst-maintained shopping carts I’ve ever seen. It’s like Walmart ends up with all of the oldest, dirtiest, most worn-out carts that other stores have thrown away.

Every single time I try to take a cart from the line of unused carts, I find that it’s intertwined with the next cart in the line. Removing it from the line always involves lifting and separating the heavy, metal parts of one or more carts.

And, often, that results in [more...]

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Rethink Homelessness

During the past year-and-a-half of my ministry, I’ve had a lot of contact with homeless people.

When you spend a lot of time with them, you learn a few things:

1. Many of them became homeless as a result of mental health and/or substance abuse issues — and those same issues tend to keep them homeless.

2. Some of them have chosen to be homeless, rather than be a burden on their families.

3. A shocking number of them are [more...]

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