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Through my share of good times, and possibly more than my share of challenges, I've learned that life is hard, but God is good — so I've always tried to put my faith into action and keep my sense of humor. This Web site has been my labor of love since 1997. I hope that it and my ministry will bless, empower, and inspire you!

Show Me The Money!

I wonder if you remember Jerry Maguire, the romantic comedy in which a talented-but-cocky football player (played by Cuba Gooding, Jr.) repeatedly shouts the title of this post at the title character (played by Tom Cruise).

The movie was entertaining, but that level of hubris certainly wouldn’t work well for most potential employees when they interview for a new job.

In fact, knowing when and how to ask about a position’s salary is [more…]

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Elton John Carpool Karaoke

James Corden.

His speech patterns make me think that he’s from the U.K., but for at least the past several months, he’s been hosting a late-night talk show, here in the U.S.

I’ve seen commercials for his show, but I’ve never watched the show itself.

Yet, last night, I happened to [more…]

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Sleep Tight

When many of us Baby Boomers were kids, our parents would put us to bed at night, telling us, “Sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

In fact, I probably also said that same thing to several children that I put to bed over the years.

It always seemed like a cute, pretend thing to say to kids, but [more…]

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Tips To Help Deal With Robocalls 2

For more than a decade, my wife’s and my telephone numbers have been registered with the U.S. National Do Not Call Registry.

Despite that fact, we occasionally still get an errant call from a live telemarketer or a bill collector who’s looking for someone who is not us.

And we also [more…]

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Mr. LockSmith Opens Sentry Safe

He teaches police departments, “how to get into stuff.”

In the video, below, he demonstrates how to use a magnet and a sock, to open a Sentry electronic fire safe almost immediately.

But he says that every safe that you can buy at Home Depot, Walmart, Staples, etc., is “crap” that [more…]

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In Case You Don’t Love Football

Research has shown that a high percentage of people who watch The Super Bowl every year, only watch it in order to see the funny, creative commercials.

No, that’s not really true — in fact, research has shown that the majority of statistics that you read on the Internet aren’t true.

No, that’s not really true, either [more…]

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Chinese Chatter

Those who love her, know Xiaoice as a 17-year-old Chinese girl.

She knows a lot about many topics.

And she’s apparently very easy to talk to.

That’s probably why she’s extremely popular on [more…]

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What Is This?

It sure looks amazing.

But I don’t know what it is.

Are the large balls magnetic?

Are the tiny spheres that [more…]

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Doritos Super Bowl Scam

Chances are, you’ve enjoyed them since 2006.

That is, if you watch the Super Bowl each year.

Despite the title of this post, I’m not talking about Doritos corn chips — I’m talking about Doritos commercials that were made to be shown during the Super Bowl.

Specifically, the commercials that were [more…]

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Keep On Truckin’?

Keep on Truckin’, Robert Crumb’s one-page comic, was inspired by an old song whose lyrics lincluded the phrase, “truckin’ my blues away.”

The comic was about hippie optimism, and featured “…an assortment of men, drawn in Crumb’s distinctive style, strutting confidently across various landscapes.”

A few years later, a newer song adopted the phrase, “keep on truckin'”, but [more…]

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Funny Spam 5

I know a lot of people who get a lot of spam in their email inboxes.

Personally, I get at least 200 of them every day.

I never open them and never reply to them, but they still keep coming.

When I have time, I’m going to have to [more…]

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How Pawn Shops Work

Have you ever been in a pawn shop?

Have you ever pawned anything that you’ve owned?

Have you ever bought or sold anything at a pawn shop?

During my entire life, I’ve [more…]

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The Truth About Soda Pop

Think about it for a minute:

What do you think soda pops are made of?

Water? Yup. Flavoring? Yup. Sugar? Yup, plenty of sugar.

What else do you [more…]

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Marked For Failure

A few years ago, it seemed like there was a sudden resurgence in the populartity of prominently displayed tattoos.

At least among younger people.

But the simple fact is that many employers are still leary of hiring anyone who has visible tattoos. [more…]

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Caucuses vs. Primaries

During my lifetime, I’ve lived in several different states around the U.S.

Every state in which I’ve lived, has held presidential primary elections.

Any time from early morning until evening, voters marked paper ballots — or made their choice on a computer screen — and then [more…]

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Where Do They Put All The Snow?

My regular readers know that my wife and I have lived in the sunny, subtropical Sunshine State for the past 12 years.

And that, before we moved here, we lived up north in The Frostbite State for more than 17 years.

Up in that northern clime, snow is a very real possibility [more…]

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Solar Roads – A Really Bad Idea 2

We’ve talked about the idea before.

On first glance, it might look like there are a number of reasons why it would be a good idea to build roads and highways out of solar material that would generate “free” electricity all day long.

Unfortunately, a closer look reveals that [more…]

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