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Through my share of good times and probably more than my share of challenges, I've learned that life is hard, but God is good — so I've always tried to put my faith into action and keep my sense of humor. This Web site has been my labor of love since 1997 — I sincerely hope that it blesses and empowers you.

You Don’t Have To Put On The Red Light

If you’re between the ages of 30 and 65, the title of this post probably gave you an earworm of “Roxanne,” a popular song that was released in the late 70s.

Originally sung by the rock group, “The Police,” it was written by the group’s lead singer, Sting. “Roxanne” has also been recorded and sampled by a variety of other artists.

But there’s a new recording of it that’s [more…]

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It Seems Perfectly Logical To Me

Way, way back in my very first semester as an undergraduate student, I took a course called Philosophy 103 — Logic.

From start to finish, I thought that everything in the entire course made sense.

In fact, it all seemed perfectly logical to me.

That course came so easy to me that, throughout all of its quizzes, tests, mid-term, and final exam, [more…]

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Firefox Just Keeps Getting Worse

My regular readers know that I’ve been using the Firefox Web browser for many, many years. In fact, I started way back when I was still a Windows guru — and I stopped using Windows way back in 2006.

But, for at least the past few years, Firefox has been getting worse.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

If you do a little research, [more…]

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A Late-Night Legend

He was seen on millions of TVs every weeknight, for many years.

A comedian’s comedian.

A master interviewer.

A very creative and entertaining fellow — with troubled undercurrents.

When he retired, they said that [more…]

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The Future Of College?

My regular readers know that, over the years, I taught or trained over 3,000 students, instructors, administrators, and employees at six different colleges and universities, and in several corporations, in three states.

They may also remember that my doctoral education prepared me to create technology based instruction.

But, despite that fact, I’m not a big fan of [more…]

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Spy Dust

It was a tool from the Cold War.

But only the Soviet Union ever used it.

The U.S. didn’t even know that it existed until 1963.

And didn’t see a sample of it until 1984.

But you can be sure that [more…]

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That’s A Bummer, Man

I was a teenager during The Beatles‘ musical renaissance.

Thanks in part to their influence, many of the most popular songs’ lyrics back then were filled with political, relationship, and cultural observations and inspirations, expressed through symbolism and imagery.

They were lyrics that challenged listeners to think.

In fact, lyrical significance has [more…]

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Dangerous Jobs

Which of the following workers is most likely to die on the job?

  1. Logger
  2. Police officer
  3. Garbage collector
  4. Taxi driver

Which of the following jobs is near the top of the jobs list for fatalities but near the bottom for [more…]

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Avoid Flight Delays

I never flew anywhere until age 17 or 18, when I was able to pay for it myself.

As a kid, my family couldn’t afford to fly, so we always packed all 6 of us in the car and drove everywhere we went — no matter how far we had to go.

Or how long it took to get there.

No stewardesses. No [more…]

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A Cool Summer Job?

When I was a kid, my friends and I thought it sounded like a dream job:

Driving an ice cream truck.

Waking up on a hot, sunny, summer day, and spending the whole day driving around, selling cold, delicious ice cream treats to hot, grateful people.

And, like a superhero, [more…]

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No Joke Left Behind

Standardized testing.

Practically everyone who knows about it, has an opinion about it.

Depending on who you talk to, it’s either a great way to “level the playing field” and objectively measure every student’s academic achievement, or it’s a misguided illusion, poorly implemented, that benefits almost no one.

I used to work in education, so, of course, I have [more…]

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To The Beat Of A Different Drummer

Jeb Bush.

Ben Carson.

Carly Fiorina.

Hillary Clinton.

Ted Cruz. [more…]

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Bogus Nutritional Information

Eating eggs is good for you.

Eating eggs is bad for you.

Or maybe it’s not so bad.

Drinking coffee is bad for you — or maybe it’s good for you.

Eating foods that contain [more…]

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Robot Does Grape Repair

A couple of decades ago, I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome so bad that I could only play my 12-string guitar for about half of a song at a time, before I’d have to stop and “shake out” my cramping left hand, to get it to be able to play a little more.

At that time, nearly all CTS surgery involved the surgeon making a curved incision from the wrist all the way up to near the base of the index finger.

It took patients a long time to heal, and, unfortunately, [more…]

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