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Through my share of good times and probably more than my share of challenges, I've learned that life is hard, but God is good — so I've always tried to put my faith into action and keep my sense of humor. This Web site has been my labor of love since 1997 — I sincerely hope that it blesses and empowers you!

Some Like It Restored

My regular readers may remember that, over a year ago, I bought an old, heavy-duty-but-rusty lawn trailer.

Then I figured out how to hitch it to my Snapper rider mower.

The whole project took a lot of research and thinking, as well as some work, but I ended up with a great piece of equipment for a pretty low cost.

When I bought it, it looked like this: [more…]

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Welk Would’ve Loved This

One summer when I was a kid, my family went with some relatives to the Illinois State Fair.

I remember being terrified to ride a Ferris Wheel for the first time in my life there.

And, of course, I remember my father “blowing up” at us kids, and ruining yet another one of our “family times.”

But I also remember seeing lots and lots of [more…]

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Hello! I Missed You!

My wife and I have had and loved dogs in our home since a couple of weeks after we bought our first home, in 1993.

Mini Pupperoni Minestroni, Maximilian Dollars, Bud, and Maximilian Kisses.

Each one has been a tremendous joy and blessing to us in many, many ways.

One of my favorite things about having dogs in my life is the fact that they’re always so glad glad to [more…]

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Spoon Rings

“Spoon rings date back as far as the 1600s, in England, and were originally thought to represent love, responsibility and commitment. As the story goes, servants who had fallen in love and wanted to propose marriage, would steal silver spoons from their masters’ homes and have them crafted into rings. They were too poor to afford any sort of “real” engagement ring, so this was their best alternative to offering a beautiful and valuable ring to the woman they wanted to make their wife.”
— From The History of the Spoon Ring.

Back in 1972, when I first fell in love with [more…]

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Cell Phones And Cancer

I’ve read about it for years.

A study shows that cell phones can cause cancer.

Another study says that they can’t.

Another study says yes, they CAN.

And yet another study says [more…]

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Dumbo Having Fun

It can be very fun and relaxing to watch animals enjoying themselves:

A cat, sitting on a window sill, “chattering” at a bird that it sees outside, in a tree.

A dog, running full-speed around its yard, just for the fun of it.

A dolphin, playing in the water.

A baby elephant, [more…]

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Have We Lost The Privacy War? 137

They can identify you by your cell phone usage.

They can identify you by your Web-browsing habits.

They can identify you by your shopping habits.

They can identify you by placing cookies on your computer.

They (i.e., Gmail) can identify you by [more…]

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To Serve You Better 20

It’s been several years since I moved all of my Web sites from one Web hosting company to another.

But — just as has happened to me several times in the past — the formerly excellent Web host that I used for the past several years, started going downhill a couple of years ago. My sites started going down more and more often, and my Web host’s 24/7 technical support started taking up to 12 hours to acknowledge each of my support tickets, let alone [more…]

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Have We Lost The Privacy War? 136

If you care about your privacy and your computer’s security, you already know that you must take several steps to install, upgrade, and maintain a plethora of security packages in order to try to protect your Windows computer.

And you also know that you must “practice safe computing” by avoiding risky email messages and Web sites.

But is that all you need to do? [more…]

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Time Flies Like An Eagle 2

Why does time seem to move so slowly when you’re very young, but moves faster and faster as you get older?

I’ve been saying why for years.

In fact, I even said it right here, in this journal, a few years ago.

It’s because, with each passing year, each new year becomes a smaller and smaller percentage of [more…]

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Wave Form

Have you ever surfed?

I’ve never done it, but I’ve seen a lot of video of other people doing it.

From what I’ve seen, it looks like it must be very exhilarating.

But it can also be pretty scary.

And sometimes, [more…]

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Little Baby Buddy Bumper

Anyone who has ever had a pet that they really loved, knows the feeling.

They’re an important part of your family.

You’d do anything to make their life easier, happier, and healthier.

Even if you have to invent something to do it.

That’s what one of little Buddy’s people did for him, after [more…]

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It’s Been So Nice Talking With You

You’re at a party.

Or at a conference.

Or at church.

You’ve been talking with the same person for several minutes; maybe even longer.

You’d really like to “move on” to talk with someone different, but [more…]

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Have We Lost The Privacy War? 135

My regular readers know that I’ve always been very careful to try to protect my personal, private data.

But several weeks ago, I received a letter from a company that I had my health care insurance through in the past. It told me that the health care insurance company’s servers had been compromised by hackers.

The purpose of the letter was to inform me that my personal, private data were among those that [more…]

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