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Through my share of good times, and possibly more than my share of challenges, I've learned that life is hard, but God is good — so I've always tried to put my faith into action and keep my sense of humor. This Web site has been my labor of love since 1997. I hope that it and my ministry will bless, inspire, and empower you.

What’s In A Black Box?

Every time a airplane crashes into water, my wife and I end up asking the same questions:

“Why do they make the signal that airplanes’ black boxes send so weak that it’s nearly impossible to find when it’s underwater — and why does it only send that signal [more…]

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Happy Birthday, Bud! 3

My regular readers know that, I rescued Bud from our neighborhood park, nearly 12 hours after someone had abandoned him there to die.

At the time, our vet estimated him to be one year old.

Since we had no way to know when his actual birthday was, we decided that we would always celebrate it [more…]

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How Old Are You, Really? 2

If I ask you, “How old are you?”, you’re probably going to quickly remember how many years old you were on your last birthday.

That’s the standard way of calculating your age — and it’s what how most of us answer that question.

But, things get a little more complicated when you [more…]

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The Thrill Of Victory

…and the agony of defeat.

If you have a good memory, you may remember hearing that phrase.

Every week, from 1961-1998, the introduction of the TV show, ABC’s Wide World of Sports, contained one particularly memorable video clip. [more…]

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Whether You Want It Or Not 6

The title of this post tells you that I’ve talked about this same topic several times — but I think it’s worth talking about it at least one more time, so here we go.

By now, we all know that Microsoft has used various means — some clearly unethical, and others arguably illegal — to “aggressively push upgrades” to its Windows 10 operating system onto [more…]

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The Car You Want Doesn’t Exist

You’re watching your favorite TV show when, suddenly, there’s a commercial break.

There, in all its shiny glory, is the car that you’ve been lusting after.

It races; it spins; it jumps; it turns; it poses.

All the time [more…]

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Should You Stand At Work?

Maybe you believe the plethora of articles that have been published in the past year or so.

Maybe you believe the television advertisements, selling devices that fit on your desktop, that allow you to raise your work surface, so that you can stand while you’re working. [more…]

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My First Book 2

It’s been more than 4 years since I mentioned that I’d like to write a book and call it, There’s A Thin Line Between Being Committed And Being Committed.

During the past several months that I’ve been working on that book, I’ve learned that writing the book itself is just a fraction of all the work that needs to be done — work that includes hundreds of [more…]

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How many types of doors can you think of?

My house contains two types of doors.

Swinging doors — the type that is hinged on one side, and swings open.

And pocket doors that [more…]

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The Secret Ingredient Is Heme

It looks real.

It feels real.

It sounds real.

It tastes real. [more…]

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An Impressive Professional Car Race

They’re really small — but they’re incredibly powerful for their size.

If you imagine that they’re scaled up to normal size, they appear to accelerate to top speed much, much faster than normal-sized racing cars can.

And their scaled-up top speeds look to be much faster than [more…]

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The Perfect Lake House




Spacious. [more…]

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What Is Your Password?

The fact that you’re here, reading a post on this web site, tells me that you’re “smarter than the average bear” — or, at least, more technically literate than the average computer user.

So you probably already know all of the experts’ advice about how to choose, use, and change your passwords. [more…]

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Cats Go Shopping

Every Saturday morning, my wife and I take our two dogs, Bud and Max, with us in our car.

We drive to one or more stores, where we park in the shade.

My wife stays in the car with our boys, and reads, while I [more…]

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Something Is Not Right In Oz 6

Wow, I just realized that I’ve already written about this same topic 5 times before!

Yet the problem persists, to this day.

Despite being criticized, questioned, and condemned about it many times, Dr. Mehmet Oz keeps using his popular syndicated TV show to [more…]

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The Prince Of Modern Dance

He’s the newest sensation to hit the world of modern dance.

A brilliant choreographer who the critics call “fresh” and “original.”

Dancers love to perform his moves, which they describe as having “a raw innocence that frees the soul.” [more…]

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Hey, Hey, It’s The Monkeys!

Sister-in-law, Linda (starting a story): Hey, you know what’s funny?
ComputerBob (instantly): Monkeys?
Linda (slowly): Uh…. Yes…. AND (she continues her story).

— Conversation at the dinner table one night.

Wild monkeys can be [more…]

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There’s No Place Like Dome 2

There’s a young family in Norway that lives in a breathtakingly beutiful area, near the mountains, and right next to the sea.

In a house made of clay.

That’s inside [more…]

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American Ninja Warrior 2

Almost two years ago, I told you that my wife and I liked to watch a TV show together, called “American Ninja Warrior.”

In ANW, contestants take turns, to see which can complete a really difficult obstacle course the fastest.

In fact, the course is so difficult [more…]

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