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Through my share of good times and probably more than my share of challenges, I've learned that life is hard, but God is good — so I've always tried to put my faith into action and keep my sense of humor. This Web site has been my labor of love since 1997 — I sincerely hope that it blesses and empowers you.

What Did That Monkey Just Say?

If you love animals, then I highly recommend that you learn about Koko, the gorilla who knows sign language.

Koko has spoken her mind about many things, telling her keepers everything from what she wants to eat, to how much she loves her pet kitten, to the story of how her mother was taken away from her when she was a baby.

Koko is one of the few animals who we’ve been able to communicate with — and that’s only because [more…]

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The World’s Biggest Knife Sharpener?

One of my closest friends always carries a pocket knife.

That’s probably because he’s a fisherman, and a knife always comes in handy when you’re fishing and need to cut lines and stuff.

The last time I carried a knife was when I was in the Boy Scouts.

I had an official Boy Scout pocket knife — a folding knife that had a metal Boy Scout insignia on its side, and [more…]

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Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

They knew that he had beaten two little girls to death.

After all, he had admitted to the crime.

So his murder trial only took 3 hours.

And it only took the jury 10 minutes to declare him guilty.

But it turns out that [more…]

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This Site Was Down All Day Today

I’ve been with my Web host for several years, and its service has been extremely reliable — past downtimes have been rare and short.

But, about 1:30 PM, U.S. Eastern Time, I noticed that all of my Web sites, including this one, were down.

The fact that they didn’t come back up within 5 minutes told me that something was seriously wrong at my Web host.

However, one of the advantages to [more…]

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Recipe For Success

My wife and I are both so busy that we don’t do much complicated cooking.

Nearly everything we cook and eat is simple stuff, like frozen vegetables, a pan-fried steak, or a grilled cheese sandwich.

Cooking is one of those things that almost anyone can do — but I can imagine that it would be a lot more difficult to do if you couldn’t read any recipes.

Or couldn’t [more…]

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Writing Can Be Cathartic

My regular readers — and those who’ve spent more than a few minutes on this site — know that I’ve survived a lot of difficult challenges.

Suicides, deaths, diseases, permanent injuries, psychological traumas, lost relationships, and much more.

Enough bad stuff to fill a Greek tragedy — or a soap opera.

They also know that I’ve written about [more…]

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How To Get A Better Sleep

I have a friend who’s sleepy during the day, nearly every day.

In fact, he’s so sleepy that he falls asleep for between 2 and 30 minutes several times each day.

That’s probably because he rarely sleeps more than an hour or 2 at a time at night, before waking up — and often gets a total of less than 4 hours of sleep all night.

It seems to me that his problem is probably [more…]

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The Dumber Gender

Which gender would you guess currently enjoys the least amount of stigma over dieting?

You are correct if you said “men.”

Which gender would you guess has the most problem making a marriage commitment to their significant other?

Once again, the answer is “men.” [more…]

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How To Deal With Online Trolls

“Silence can be misinterpreted, but it can’t be misquoted.”
— Unknown (One of my Favorite Quotes)

That old saying is as true as it is difficult to put into practice — although, when push came to shove, I was able to do it several years ago, with my biological family.

Of course, most people never have to take such drastic action as my wife and I did back then.

But many people [more…]

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A Scary Walk

Have you ever stopped to think about how many miles you’ve walked in your lifetime?

I think it’s kind of amazing that our feet have lasted this long.

I mean, think about it — how many man-made objects could you have used to drag as much as you weigh over that many miles of sidewalk, floor, dirt, rocks, water, etc., without wearing them down to stubs?

Of all the things we ask our feet to walk on, [more…]

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A Lawsuit About Ad Blocking?

For most of the past decade, I first used a browser plugin called “AdBlock,” then switched to its newer fork, “AdBlock Plus” — to successfully block nearly all advertisements on every Web page that I visit.

Back when I started using an ad-blocker, it was quite a controversial thing to do.

Some people claimed that it was morally wrong to block advertisements, because most major Web sites relied on getting income from their advertisements, so people like me were going to [more…]

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The Questions Tell The Story

Have you ever lived with a roommate?

And, by “roommate,” I mean someone who you had no chance of ever being romantically involved with, but with whom you shared a living space and living expenses.

I had a roommate one time.

His name was Pete. I remember his last name, but [more…]

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